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I had a very busy day yesterday working on Andre’s center crossmember. If you have ever laid on the ground and drilled out rivets then you know what I mean. I drilled out each one and then punched them out with a punch. I stayed busy all day and was successful in mounting the new P&J mount. I don’t think I would ever do that again until I had the body off the frame and could turn the frame over instead of laying on my back on the floor.

I missed the “Office” yesterday so I stopped by today and caught up on what is going one. The Deuce lovers are headed to Fillmore on Sunday for the “Deuce of Spades” premier showing and train ride. I hear they are sold out for the show and train ride. (150 people) I may go over and see the cars that show up as many will be Deuces. This should be a good event.

My son and his wife are coming home tomorrow which means I will be working on the house today to make sure it meets the wife’s approval. We have not seen them in a couple of months and we always enjoy their company. I need to finish the back door today and that will complete my long term doors project.

I had a viewer that is having trouble fitting his hood on his Deuce tudor and was wondering if I new any tricks. I will just say that I have never spent more than a day fitting a hood to my Deuces. I don’t think they fit that good from the factory but I know they can be a problem if you don’t have the radiator and shell located parallel to the cowl. I will try to post a few pictures of the process I use. I read where SO-CAL can spend 40 hours fitting the hood. You do the math. Billy had his done and they spent about 40 hours cutting and fitting a Rootlieb hood which was a very nice piece to begin with. I am not that particular but I know if you want a perfect 1/8 inch gap you will need to cut and reshape the hood.

Stay Tooned!


Here is a photo of the stock transmission mount in a 40 Ford. I have already removed the rivets in this photo. I could not reach the top ones so I used my torch to cut the mount off. You must be real careful not to cut the frame or catch anything on fire. I have done this on more cars than I can remember.

Here is the mount installed in the chassis. I need to drill the new holes that are in the mount. The P&J mount has two holes that line up with the stock transmission mount. This mount also holds the wishbones for the front axle.

I have seen this 5 window up close and it is very nice car. I like the 2 1/2 inch chop along with the hiboy look. I could even live with the wheels and 4-bar.

The big news at SEMA was this all steel 5 window coupe that is being produced and should be available in the spring of 2011. The initial price is $22K which is in line with the Brookville 3 window. I think you could buy an original body for that amount of money. I am waiting for the sedan bodies to become available.

This sedan would look good in my garage. Primer, red interior and steel wheels…Perfect!

Here is the center mount I fabricated for my 47 SD. I think I got carried away with the number of bolts required but I cut the bottom out of a stamped center section and wanted the unit to be sturdy.

Three window Larry had this beauty built a few years ago and set the bar for high end bare bones hot rods. Mr. Kelly now owns this one and is cruising around the Bay area. He may be at the Autumn Get Together in P-Town this weekend. The weather should be fall perfect.

This cutie has the front frame kicked up like HR&CS builds. The kick up sure sets the front end down in the weeds. Boyd used to pie cut the chassis at the cowl to achieve this look for his IFS chassis.

The model 40 makes a good looking 5 window coupe hiboy. This one has the look and would be right at home at the Throttlers Show.

Today’s 40 Convertible…dreaming.

Dick went to look at one of these yesterday that has been sitting for over 30 years and is rust free with a 1956 plate attached. Now that is a find. Good Luck.

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