Thursday’s Thoughts

I had a very busy day today. It all started when Bob-O wanted to go to Frantic’s and deliver some rear frame horn covers for a Deuce. He had a very nice pair of originals that one of Fred’s customers needed. I parked my ride and we headed for Sun Valley in the 5 window. Bob has installed some new Firestones and the ride has improved immensely. This car has a very nice chassis under it so it really goes down the road nice. When we arrived, Fred was working on his truck and stopped to do a little bench racing prior to lunch. After a lunch at Bob’s Big Boy, we headed home and I started to work on the roadster.

I have not touched the roadster in over a year so it needed a good cleaning. I call her Lucy and she has been jealous of Andre since I brought him home. I spent the day cleaning and polishing what little chrome/stainless is on the car. I cleaned the powdercoated frame with a wet sponge to remove all of the dust. I am glad I went ahead and coated the frame as it has not rusted and still shines really nice in gloss black. I finished about dusk and parked her back inside for the night. Tomorrow I will work on the QC and rear undercarriage. I still need to install the brakes lines (they are finished) and hook up a few loose ends. I also need to fill the QC with oil to keep the gear lubricated. I hope everything is still clean inside.

It is now past my bedtime so until then…

Stay Tooned!


Sometimes a 40 coupe just sez drive me. This is one of those coupes. I would even leave the wheels on for a while.

Rich has been talking about a Speed 33 for sometime and has stepped up to have one built. He likes the Roadster Shop build and hopes to have it running by next Father’s Day. I know he will make it. This is the bare beginning on the table.

The Heidts rear axle has been fitted to the chassis as well as the body. Lots of work so far.

The hood and lower valence is being fitted for that neat hiboy look.

I would say the car is going to be really cool and have roll up windows with a top that folds down for the late evening PCH ride with the wife. Keep up the good work Rich.

Neil called and has a customer that wanted a lift off top like this one. Tom builds these out of tubing and has Sid cover them for him. The tops are simple but are very time consuming and require to the car to fit perfect. Read that expensive.

Here is the frame in the raw after being bent to patterns made by Tom. This is all done by hand in a vise and jig. Nice work.

Today’s roadster….Lucy without her top…oh my!

She cleaned up pretty good and will receive more attention tomorrow. She likes me now.

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