Thursday’s Thoughts

Today, I made some progress on the wishbone splitting process for Andre. I spent most of the afternoon mocking up the front suspension, measuring the chassis and checking Bob-O’s 40 for accuracy. All went well and I will cut the bones tomorrow if I have time. The Hot Rod Reunion is tomorrow in Bakersfield but I don’t think I can make it this year. I hate to miss it but I have too much going on at home to spend the day at the racetrack. Sometimes I need to stay home and get some work done.

I will be gone tomorrow and will not be back in town until Monday. Have a great weekend!

Stay Tooned!


I sat up two tables in the garage and mocked up the front wishbones and trans plate.

The rear mount uses 3/4 cast rod ends from P&J which I like rather than tie rod ends. I just think they are a cleaner look and are safer than the tie rods. The center hole in the plate is exactly 38 1/2 inches back from the center of the axle.

The axle perch pins are also 38 1/2 inches apart which makes it easy to remember. This is a stock 40 dimension.

After measuring everything several times including the chassis I marked the bones for modification.

I know this one is not chopped but I like the color and the P&J chassis. I could use this one in my garage.

On the other hand, how about a hammered sedan with a Hemi….chopped a little too much for my taste but nice anyway.

I have not forgot my roadster and when I came across this hood that SC had modified I remembered mine needs the operation also. Nice work by a good metal man.

Sids Bob Top is a nice piece and here you can see the header and skeleton for the top fabric. About $3k when completed.

The SW top leans the post way back. I have never sat in one of these but they have to be right in your face. Too much for my taste.

Today’s ride…dreaming!

My neighbor has this parked in his garage not mine. Gary built this one many years ago and it still is one of my favorites.

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