Thursday’s Thoughts

I was apprehensive about the sandblasting of Andre’s parts and I thought about it all night. I have always be taught the stripping is the only way to do it right. I headed to the Valley early and arrived as Bill was loading some parts for a customer. I did not see my parts so I waited until he was free. I peeked inside the rather small facility and still do not see the doors or parts. Once he turned his attention to me he said he wanted to show me something. He has a smile on his face so I knew it was going to be O.K. The doors turned out perfect with no warpage and were super clean. I now have the job of priming them as soon as possible. I am using a prohibitive PPG red oxide primer to match the rest of the components all ready completed. I talked to him about the body and he said he will come pick it up with his huge truck. I have had frames picked up but never a car body. I need to make it a roller and have the body and frame done all at once. I need to locate someone to primer it first.

The weekend is here and after working on the house this week I am ready to have some fun with cars. I hope all of you are taking advantage of this beautiful weather and are headed out in your hot rod this weekend.

Stay Tooned!


I am really happy with my choice of sandblasters. Ajax really knows how to do it right. My friend Gary told me this was the way to go and he was right. The inside was as clean as the outside of the door. Now to prime.

Steve sent along some pictures of Bruce’s 40 pickup truck showing the rear bumper. He wanted to know if they are the same as a SD. This one looks right but you have to fit it up to the bumper brackets to make sure. I still think they are different. By the way, Bruce has a wonderful Mccoy look alike 40 sedan and a 40 pickup in his hobby shop. Nice pair!

I show Don’s car as he is now building a full fendered one to outdo this beauty of a few years ago. I know I will like the new one also. You need to hear this one arrive at Johnny Carson Park. Loud!

Now this 5 window had a crowd around it all day. I like these as well as a 3 window. How about you?

I sold my last set of these but I am thinking about doing another set to have in stock. Forty axle tubes never go out of style do they?

Here is the key to a smooth rear axle operation. The nine inch axle bearing end has been mated to the 40 axle tube and now you have late model axles and brakes with the early look. You can do this at home and have Fred weld them up for you. He has a jig and has done two sets for me.

This is in the works and hopefully can be saved with another top…more later.

Super metal man, Rex, has his personal project in the shop to determine what needs to be done next. Chop looks about right. Now for some blasting and fine tuning he will be turning out another Custom Auto masterpiece.

Today’s five window…dreaming!

Excuse me I think I am lost. I was headed to LA but ended up in Phoenix. Where did I go wrong? This was my high school and college dream car….3 windows came later in life.

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