Thursday’s Thoughts

Somedays really turn out good and today was one of them. Old man weather cooperated and I was able to accomplish a lot work on the house and Andre. I started off by stoping by Bob’s and looking at his freshly painted parts for his roadster. I can only say that Boyd never had the paint jobs on his undercarriage parts that Bob does. The Concept 9000 has a shine that must be seen to believe. My next stop was at the “Office” to catch up on the latest BS. Bob O wanted to know if I could weld his drag link together and I told him that I could recut the drag link and re-tap the rh and lh threads. He came over later in the day and we made it happen. I never like to weld on steering components so he was pleased with his new drag link. I asked him to help me beat out the perch pins in Andre’s front axle. We first tried beating them out cold and that failed. I next fired up the hot wrench and with not much effort we had both of them out on the floor in about 20 minutes. Friends are great for helping each other when they need it. I cut the bones in half and will cut them to length this weekend. Thanks, Bob O!

I am hoping that I can install the front suspension in a week or two. I think that will get me moving. Andre is tired of staying in bed and would like to get back on the road again or at least out in the driveway for all of my neighbors to see. Ha!

Saturday is the 20th annual Monrovia Car show which is always a good one. Sandy will have pictures on Monday.

Stay Tooned!


Rod Palmer’s shop in Phoenix had a really destructive fire that destroyed several cars and the complete facility. See the complete story on the HAMB. I certainly am glad no one was hurt but the rebuilding of this long time business will be very difficult. I wish them a lot of success in their mission.

A nice sedan showed up today. This should make someone a nice car to start with.

This is a Dearborn Deuce that has been given the early look with late model conveniences. It sure has a nice stance and early look.

If you have never had the pleasure of removing perch pins after 70 years of rust you should try a set. I called Heidts three times to order a kit but Bob O came to the rescue. The perches are ruined but I have new ones.

I know this is old school but they are bullet proof. I use the stock 40 units where Bob prefers the 46 – 48 type with the step down feature.

The wishbone was in excellent shape with no pits are no bends. I will have them blasted with the doors.

I cut the bones near the ball end and now I can determine the exact length of each bone. The length varies with the width of the spring perches you select. A Super Bell uses a 36 inch center, CE uses a 35 inch center and Magnum uses a stock 38 1/2 inch center. I prefer the stock length spring and stock Magnum dropped axle.

The ends are important and these are in excellent shape. I will heat and bend ends to correct alignment when splitting the bones apart for the 350 transmission. You need to make sure you don’t overheat the eyes when bending.

I wonder if this famous Deuce sedan will ever be finished. This was at the 75th show in Pomona. I understand there is going to be another big show in Pomona for the 80th celebration. Yes, the Deuce is the King of Hot Rods no matter how everyone thinks there are too many of them.

I stole this idea to make a jig for Andre’s rear tires. This system is easy to make and really allows you to see how the tire will fit.

Today’s sedan…dreaming!

I know Deuce sedans are my favorite but this model 40 sure looks good to me plus you have a 6 inch longer wheelbase to ease the ride. Maybe these are more plentiful. The grille has always kept me from purchasing one. Drake has that problem solved.

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