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I stopped by Bob’s to see if I could help him with the coil over shock for his Kugel front suspension. It seems that after chroming everything the lower collar (aluminum) galled on the steel shock. He called Jerry and he told him to bring it down and they would see if they could fix it. Kugel’s is an hour and half from our house in good times. I told him to try and clean up the threads on the aluminum collar with a wire brush on a Dremel. He did that and the problem was solved. He will buy coffee tomorrow and maybe a double doze of cookies. I had the same thing happen to me on Wildwood front brakes which have aluminum hubs and screw in grease caps.

I spent the rest of the day on the rear house doors and dreamed about what a nice engine compartment Walt has in his Woody. He had Jim do a lot of work on the engine compartment, dash, and add power steering to the straight axle (not dropped). Whenever I show someone the under the hood they are really impressed. Walt’s choice of Black rather than chrome was an excellent choice with the maroon car. I will copy this set up on one of my cars. Jim is to be complemented on his detail work on the Woody. It is not easy to redo a car when it is a nice as this car is and not make some scratches.

The weekend is full of events so I will decide if I will go to Orange County or the Ventura Nationals….

Stay Tooned!


Walt has added A/C to the Woody by using a Vintage Air unit utilizing a black compressor and serpentine belt system. All of the components are powdercoated black with chrome/stainless accents. Note overflow tank is also black.

He recently added a mini starter to improve clearance near the exhaust. Note burnt battery cable from proximity to header.

Note neat hose routing for A/C and heater. The interior floorspace is unaltered and Ron made a cover over the fittings. Very tidy.

If you have ever driven one of these large wagons without power steering you will appreciate the ease of the p/s unit on the straight axle. One finger turning even sitting still. This will be a feature for Andre.

Unique engine mounts are urethane bushings installed in stand off bracket. This provides lots of clearance for components. The front crossmember is a Ventura Valley one that lowers the car about 3 inches using all stock components and bolts in place.

All the lines for the vacuum, fuel and carb are made from stainless and look fantastic. The manifold is an Edelbrock and also is powdercoated black.

Note the neat routing of the upper radiator hose to the center of the radiator. Mattson radiator has been powdercoated black.

If you ever wanted to return this car to stock nothing has been cut or modified on the chassis or firewall. Note how far the engine has been set forward in order to prevent transmission interference with the x member. You can install the large HEI and still have plenty of room. The HEI is bulletproof and provides good spark.

The deep maroon paint looks black at sunset. I also love the natural wood compared to the dark mahogany panels.

Today’s roadster…dreaming.

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