Thursday’s Thoughts

Hot Rod Week is going on in Nor Cal and Steve is busy taking pictures. The weather is in the triple digits so A/C is mandatory if you are going on the tours. I don’t think Steve has A/C, he is old school you know, but I am sure he is going to do the tour no matter what the temperature is. Steve is a die hard hot rod guy and slugs his way through all the cars at the meet.

The weather in LA is also very hot and while not quite as hot as up north, it still is in the low triple digits. I have doing nothing today except write my blog and trying to keep cool. Work on the cars and house can wait for cooler times.

Stay Tooned!


Burt Munro’s Worlds Fatest Indian was at Pebble Beach in all of its glory. He still holds the record set in 1967 at 183 mph. You basically lay down in the machine and hold on tight.

Here is an early photo of the launch at B’ville.

Deuce 4 door sedan at Vern’s place. Keith is building this one for a customer. He does great work. Many door Deuces have become the rage lately. I like them as a hiboy.

Vern had some nice Deuces in his shop. I know this phaeton would be on the top of my list. Flathead powered and dropped in front make this a candidate for a hot rod phaeton.

Vern knows flatheads and always has several in the works. Steve has a full on flatty that Vern did for him a few years ago.

In case you are in the market for a nice well built flathead, you might want to fax Vern. He does not do phone calls.

This very classy 34 roadster with a Bob Top was parked at Verns for a quick tour of the shop. I hope he has air conditioning.

The next stop was Castelli’s place and Steve shot his sedan delivery that he has owned for years.

A side trip to Bob’s place in Clearlake revealed the truth about Clearlake being the 40 capital of California. I though Buellton was the capital. Bob always has several 40’s under construction at his “Old Hot Rods” garage.

The station wagon is coming right along and will be a great ride when finished. Bob does excellent paint and body work at his shop. This customer also has a SD going together at Bob’s.

The delivery is coming along real nice and should be on the road by Christmas. I think a delivery and a woody make a great pair in anyones collection.

Today’s ride…dreaming!

The 40 standard is completed and waiting for a ride to its new owner. Need a 40…call Bob.

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