Thursday’s Thoughts

It is very hot in LA today (98 degrees). Working on the house or on the cars is not an option. I decided to write Thursday’s Thoughts before it becomes even hotter. As I mentioned yesterday, building a new car today takes a lot of planning and leg work to make sure you are building something you will enjoy. When I was younger, I never purchased or built any car that I couldn’t sell for a profit or a least for what I had invested. The wife always went along with me, but after forty-five years she doesn’t bother listening to me anymore. I purchase a car because I like it and really don’t care about what it will be worth down the road. My down the road time is limited and I just want to enjoy the moment. If the car cost more than I am willing to pay, I keep looking as tomorrow always brings another car for sale.

I currently would like a sedan and there are lots of them for sale right now. If I wanted a coupe I could also find several for sale. A person with a bank account can locate any car he likes. Investment grade cars are always desirable but usually command a premium price. If you can accept something of lesser quality the price will really come down but the driving experience is the same. It is your call.

My friend Dave just returned from GG in Columbus and sent along some nice pictures for us to view. Thanks, Dave.

Stay Tooned and Cool!


I love the hood straps on this hiboy and the black and maroon color scheme is right on. Dave has pictures of this car on the highway headed to the event.

Now you know I like this model 40. I have seen this one in the books and it sure looks good. Note door hinge placement.

Featured here many times and in the heading of my blog is this very nice 34 hiboy with a 37 grille. I like it.

Dave is partial to 39/40 converts and this one is looking good in blue. Note severe chop and hood treatment.

He also is partial to 40 coupes. This one has been given some modern upgrades to make it the owners personal ride.

I think this photo was for Alan to show him what a really chopped convert looks like.

Dayton’s are big back east but I have not seen many out west. The otherwise super looking coupe is overpowered by the large wheels.

You can pick up a 4 door Deuce sedan for a good price and really have fun. This one has the flathead, checker board firewall and bias whitewall tires.

Dearborn Deuce has many unique features. Note hood sides, top and windshield posts.

Today’s ride…dreaming!

When you mention the name Alloway you know the car will be black and beautiful. This 57 Buick makes you want one now.

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