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I just returned from lunch and the discussion centered around the GNRS this weekend. Several people were in town to attend the show. Last years Deuce Show attracted a lot of out of town people, but due to the inclement weather this year, the attendance may be down. I sure hope not. I enjoy seeing all the people and looking at the new creations as well as the historic ones that show up. LA is going through a tough winter and we are not used to snow and cold weather, so some may decide to stay home by the fire.

As for me, I am a die hard and will only go two days to make sure I didn’t miss anything. The GNRS move to LA was a good thing for me as I used to fly to Oakland to see the show. This is much closer and less expensive for the old man. I will take lots of pictures and post them next week.

Get off the couch and go out in the garage.

Stay Tooned!



Lou sent me some old gas stations pictures. They bring back memories of when I was young and worked in gas stations so I would have a place to work on my car.


Midwest 34 hiboy, Poteet clone. I can always tell the area by the beautiful brick homes in the background. No stucco!


Wonderful 36 roadster at the Horseless Carriage meet over Christmas. I like these cars also, but they are small inside compared to a 40 Coupe or Convert.


Famous Laguna Beach car, Jim Busby’s very fine 32 5 window with a Cadillac and all the right stuff. You have to see this car to appreciate the era.



Bob just sold this stunning 46 convert of Toms for $68K big ones. You can’t build them for that.

So what!

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