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I spent most of the day making the front jig for Andre. I need to move it around this weekend. I had one left over from my 48 convert project, so I modified it to fit the 40. I merely had to shorten the width by 1 1/2 inches. I just finished and came up to the computer to write my blog.

Since the LARS I have been thinking about 40 Fords. I posted my friend Steve’s collection and decided I need to find a sedan to drive this summer. Steve wants me to go on the 40 is 70 tour to P-Town and if I can locate a nice sedan that goes down the highway I may go. I wish I was leaving for BC this weekend but I could not travel that far in a car. I can remember in 1977 I had a back operation and laid down in the back of a station wagon to make it to Columbus. I was much younger then and with a few beers had no pain.

I am still trying to pedal my roadster and Deuce chassis so I can buy a sedan. Lots of interest but no money or trades so far. I have moved everything around so I at least have some space in the garage to work. My wife Jane is a real trooper and helps me a lot.

Lets look at some pictures.

Stay Tooned!


I would even settle for a nice 5 window coupe although a sedan would be better…more room.

The Reagan had a nice display of tractors. This 1926 Case was flawless and purred like a kitten. I used to be in to tractors in my younger years. John Deere was the hot ticket for me.

I have been working on Andre. I sanded the fender with my DA to remove rust due to not priming after sandblasting. It looks good now. Note fit at bottom of fender.

This photo shows how nice the wheel fits in the opening. Perfectly centered and plenty of room with a 15 x 7, 3 3/4 backspace.

The backspacing is measured like this. I measure from the outside rim not the offset. A seven inch rim is actually 8 inches wide from outside to outside.

Some wheels with not work with Bob Drake hubcaps so I made sure they fit prior to installing the tires. These wheels are by Wheelsmith. Nice folks.

I just had to see if I could fit an 8 inch wheel under the delivery. My wheels would not fit the opening. I had Real wheels on my last delivery and they just fit. I will stick with the 7 inch and a 225 x 70 tire.

John likes custom so he sent along his favorite sedan. How low can you go?

Today’s 40 coupe…dreaming!

Brian has a nice 40 coupe going together with a nailhead engine. I love the stance of this one.

A nailhead looks right at home in a 40 coupe. Note new firewall to accommodate the long motor.

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