Thursday’s Thoughts

I was up early, went for my walk and then headed to the “office” to see what was going on. Forty Ford day is Sunday and I am trying to get people to attend. Dick is doing the Barrett-Jackson auction in Orange County so he won’t be there and Bobo is probably busy Sunday also. Jane and I are going as we do every year. The Forties Limited put on a very nice event at La Palma Park in Anaheim. Walt called and is planning on bringing his new car to the event so we should have a great time. They offer a good lunch around noon so we will eat and then head home.

I still have lots of pictures from the LARS and will share them with you today. I read where the attendance was up 25% this year which is good news for the LA Roadsters. The event attracts people from all over the world and I hope they keep this up for many years to come.

Stay Tooned!


This trio of customs looked nice sitting out in the sunshine. Merc’s and Caddies are real popular in LA.

I thought this 40 pickup was a good deal at $20K. Dropped axle, ZZ4, 350, 9 inch and driven in from Oregon. The body was real solid and had lots of patina.

My favorite sedan from AZ was in the preferred parking lot. The H.A.M.B. had a special parking section in the preferred parking lot. Mike is a nice guy and talked to me while I drooled over his car.

This Brookville 3 window belongs to Bill and is very nice. I watched Joe chop the top 2 1/2 inches a few months ago. His metal work is flawless. I really like the look of this Ardun powered hiboy coupe. Yes, it has a Quick Change.

I have seen this car at the LARS for the past several years. I believe he drives the car from back east.

Parked in the back of SO-CAL was this maroon 40 coupe with a nice engine compartment. I used to cut holes in the fenders for the cut-outs. This owner wisely chose the running boards for his.

Bob O should do this to his new coupe. The car sounded very nice when he started it for us to hear.

This bad boy coupe from AZ had really great sounding 502 stuffed under the hood of his super coupe.

The between the buildings at SO-CAL was very crowded but you could still walk around the cars.

Metal wizard Terry had his Merc parked in the back for all to admire. This is one of the nicest Merc’s built in the past few years.

Today’s roadster…dreaming!

After looking at all the roadsters at the show this is “Still the One”. Mort and Dave did a masterful job on the roadster.

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