Thursday’s Thoughts

Today is a rainy day in LA. The weather is overcast and working with the door open is not an option. I went to the Office early and ended up at Bob’s (another Bob) garage looking at his model A roadster he has been working on for a couple of years. Bob is the fellow who purchased my 40 coupe a few years ago. The roadster is all apart for body work and paint which is almost completed after several months of work. The Brookville body and fenders were very wavy as received from the factory. The body even had bondo in it all around the cowl. I am not sure why this was done but I would have sent it back to them. Another Bob has done a great job of adding more bondo to make everything ready for black paint.

Now a third Bob, as in Bob O, came over to have a look at the project and we bench raced a little then headed back to show Bob, Bob O’s new black coupe. When the doors went up and the black shiny coupe appeared, Bob was ready to go back and start on his project. Bob’s car is more of a street rod with a SBC, 4 speed, 9 inch, A/C….You get the picture. The car is going to be a really nice car when completed but the paint and body work will take a long time to complete. If the roadster is any indication of how many hours it takes to get a body ready for paint the coupe is a couple more years away from being completed.

It was time for coffee and some realistic thinking by us old folks. Here are the facts: We are 70, in deteriorating health with physical limitations and probably will continue on this course during the fourth quarter of our life. Should we be selling all these projects and keeping one car to drive, work on when possible and enjoy the moment as Simon sez? I think the decision is easy. It is time to concentrate on what makes you happy and lets you complete the day without too much stress. This makes a lot of sense to me. What you decide will be what you want out of your hobby. Think about it!

Stay Tooned!


Roy built this hiboy sedan a few years ago and I always liked the look. Model 40’s look good with fenders but this hiboy is a little different for a change. Roy can build this look on most cars and get away with the style.

The rear of these sedans like a Deuce are hard to make look good with a gas tank. The striping catches your eye rather than the gas tank.

Sid can do the tuck and roll with style. The interior fits the theme of the car very well.

Roy has a way with the dashes in these cars. Engine turned panels also fit the style. Note the three pedals and handbrake.

This is what makes me happy. I have always enjoyed building the chassis for my cars. Now with the physical limitations and the availability of perfect store bought frames it no longer makes good sense to build your own.

I have a small shop with simple tools but I am able to do most things right here. Frantic does the hard stuff.

I look happy and I am good at this chore. The wife comes out each day and helps supervise so I don’t drag any dirt in her clean house.

Todays garage….dreaming!

No matter what you decide to do in life make sure you are happy with your decision. Tomorrow I need to go look at the 40 (basket case) coupe for sale.

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