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Sometimes during my visit to various car activities I walk up to a car and just listen to the conversation. I try to pick a car that has a crowd around it so the opinions will be very diversified. Young folks (30-40) and mature folks (50-70) often have very different opinions concerning today’s hot rods. The subject of real Henry, reproduction (steel or glass) often are debated right in front of the car owner. I am one who doesn’t care what the car is made of or who made it, but rather appreciate the car for the style and the fact that he/she is driving the car and having fun.

In fact, today I was reading an article on the H.A.M.B. in which the author stated that the Deuce Club should only include real Henry Ford produced vehicles. I think it would be a real shame to ignore the reproduction market which makes possible the availability of the popular body styles for the people who want one and don’t want to repair an original rust bucket. I can see if you are dyed in the wool V8 Ford Club member that you would want a real one. In my mind a “Real” car is no longer real once is has been modified as hot rodders have done for years. This months Hemmings has a very nice 3 window that states restored to strict Dearborn Standards. One look and I am lost, dropped axle, 40 column and wheel, built flathead, wide whites with steel wheels…

I rest my case. These are hot rods no matter how you write your description.

Boyd and Lil’John removed all the original characteristics of the cars they built during the eighties and nineties and people loved them. I use to tell them they made a real nice car look like a fiberglass car. To each their own but lets not criticize a persons car because it is not a real Henry production line vehicle.

Stay Tooned!



This photo explains what I am talking about. The sedan in the foreground is a real one that is being modified while the one in the back is a reproduction. Both cars are modified and will provide their owners lots of fun when completed. These are both real cars in my mind.


I forget the owner’s name of this real deal 36 three window but it sure is my kind of car. Washington blue with Tacoma wheels, SBC and all the ingredients to make it a hot rod.


The SBC has been fitted with Lincoln valve covers and looks right at home in the engine compartment. If you can’t find a real one you can buy a FG one from JB Donaldson.


The 40 column and repo wheel also look good in the interior. V8 judges would not even look at this car except in the modified class. This is fine by me.


Somewhere in Downey in the early 60’s this car was waiting for completion. I know it is still waiting in Whittier today.


This Wescott beauty provided Steve and then me lots of enjoyment and it never failed on a trip. You could not purchase a real Deuce body for what this car cost to build. The end result and driving pleasure is what it is all about for me.


Here is a real “Henry” phaeton body and chassis that Roy has acquired. I would guess the metal work on this car exceeded $50K. Anyone would like this one but some people like to spend a little less on the metal work.


My wife purchased this 40 coupe for me when I retired. It is waiting to be completed by my friend Bob.

Today’s 40 Coupe…dreaming!


Maybe Tim’s new ride will have this look when completed. The color is very becoming on a 40 coupe and not your usual black with red wheels.

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