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I admire people who have really neat, clean and organized garages. My wife always comments to me.. “why doesn’t our garage look like this?” I seem to have a knack for taking apart cars and storing the parts all over the place. I never acquired the desire to have a spotless garage. I leave the tools where they were last used so I can find them the next time I start on the project. I have been a lot better organized the last few months than in previous times due to the number of projects I have in my garage. My wife is always a big help and cleans the garage and put things away about once a month. Yesterday, I was not feeling so great, my wife helped me organize my Snap-ON tool chest. I spent the entire afternoon cleaning the box and tools. I now have all of them in the correct place and arranged so I can find them quickly. If I can persuade her to let me tile the floor in checkerboard squares I will be on my way to stardom.

My buddy Bob O has a very tidy garage and always puts everylthing away after he is finished with the task. He is on his way today to pick up his new 40 coupe. I am sure he will find a spot in his fleet garage to park it. If I purchase anymore cars they will have to be stored in a storage unit as there is no more room at the Inn…

Stay Tooned!



My long time friends Larry and David have this super tudor going together. This has been a long term project but it is almost ready to go on the road. The car has a high end Lobeck chassis, Winters QC, SO-CAL brakes, Knockoff wheels and much more. Keep pushing him David.


Sometimes you have to look for the deliveries in the weeds. This one doesn’t look bad.


Mark’s dash is the one for me. The woodgraining really stands out against the black. First class cabin.


Tim has his 57 FI on the road. A rare car that he has restored back to perfection. I wonder if the coupe will out run the 57. Remember those days when the 57’s were running against 40’s on the street. I sure do remember the tickets and suspensed license. My wife had to drive for a few months.


I pushed the 33 out in the drive to work on the tool box. Note Andre’s hood on top of Lucy’s top. I store parts everwhere.


Terry built this nice tudor with a 3 inch chop, red wheels and plenty of cool.


Sometimes all you need for a daily driver is a black 40 coupe…right Bob’O. Simple is best with a 40 Ford. All you need to do is drive them.


I ran across this seat on eBay a few months ago. I don’t know the final bidding but it looked nice to me.


George has a high end 40 coupe that is over the top with detail. He recently added the big inch wheels and tires. He use to run whitewalls and painted steelies. George’s cars are always immaculate everwhere you look. Nice job.

Today’s Woody…dreaming!


Mark has some really neat rides. This is his 37 Woody built by Simard. I have never seen a hood fit this good on a 37. Nice work.

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