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Yesterday’s post brought a lot of comments about the 40 dash. It seems a whole lot of people love the 40 dash. The design, functionality and overall uniqueness compared to other pre 48 dashes make it a number one favorite. Tim sent in some photos of his stable of forties showing dashes, steering columns and a trick radio placement. I have covered the instrument clusters in a prior post but a new Classic Instruments cluster showed up on ebay and I love it. The price is $2900…WOW! It only cost a little more to go first class. Lee’s $500 panels are hard to beat. I think the 1940 Fords are second only to Deuces in most hot rodder’s dream book. As I always say…”I want to arrive with the princess in a Deuce and go home in a 40 sedan”.

On a sad note, a fellow roadster driver has had a serious accident in his roadster. It seems the car rolled over and went off the pavement. He is in stable condition and I know all of you will join me in wishing Dave a speedy recovery. The safety of hot rods is a subject that can be debated and there are a lot of Monday morning quarterbacks, but the bottom line it is our job to ensure the cars are built with integrity and safety in mind. Dave’s car was very well built and it probably saved his life. Our prayers are with you.

Remember … The tax man wants your hot rod money today.

Stay Tooned!



My friend John wants this one real bad. I love the old Cords made into hot rods.


Tim has a nice secret audio installed in his dash. Nice work.


The radio lid is a cover for the radio. I know this is a lot of work but it is worth the effort in my mind.


Tim built this beautiful 40 convert a few years back and it is my favorite. I love the color combination and stock dash.


I am a sucker for stock seats and Tim has a nice one in his convert. A convertible seat is unique to the convertible.


A parting shot shows just how nice the deck lid fits on this convertible.


This is Dave’s roadster after rolling over on Saturday. He is doing better and I wish him all the best in his recovery.
We can all learn from his experience. Drive safely and make sure your car is safe to drive.


Here is another view of the car once brought back home. This is the old Boyce car and one of the Top 75 Deuces.


I found my shock kit in the storage area. You never know what you have purchased until you look. I am half way through making a new set.


The new Magnum axle looks great. I will sand and powder coat dark gray.


The new axle, while not forged, has a much better look than the stretched ones of old.

Today’s 40 Dash…always a spare in inventory.


A 40 deluxe dash ready for the next project.

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