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Starting a new hot rod project when you are almost 70 years old takes a lot of courage. I told myself Andre would be my last one and I am sure I will not live up to that statement. I think most of you who follow this blog know that I am a purist at heart and have a hard time adapting to the new stuff. I have only owned one MII front suspension car and one Jaguar rear suspension car, both of which rode really nice. I was looking for the steering box this morning and the local shop asked me why would I install a dropped axle with split wishbones in this day and age. I really think about that myself every time I work on Andre. The 32 and 33 both are axle cars with QC’s and hairpins so I am safe in protecting my heritage from my father. My wife thinks Andre should be a new SUV with A/C, PS. PB, fuel injection, automatic OD transmission and so on. I can see here point but argue that I don’t require any of that stuff and can live with a fairly stock delivery with a modern drivetrain. I guess it is difficult to teach and old dog new tricks. I think I will follow the rule that change for the sake of change is not always the right decision. Just look at our country today.

Stay Tooned!



This is my idea of a great fun car to drive. Richard has owned this for years.


His son has a great looking T roadster built in the traditional style.


Great looking 34 roadster that needs nothing in my opinion.


In the spectator lot at the PRC you see some real nice rides. I like 40 pickups but I don’t fit in them, hence a SD is my choice.


You know this guy is having fun in his roadster.


My sedan is really modern with a model A rear crossmember and 9 inch ford. A QC has been added since I took this picture.


Another fun ride for the weekend in Del Mar with the big boys.


This is real comfort, a 36 roadster with a flathead and top. John has the rides I like.


These guys, Frank and Jason know how to have a good time in a traditional ride.

Today’s 34…dreaming!


I would be real proud of this one. The car resides in WA and looks like a keeper to me. I love the top and chrome wheels. I don’t think it has a TCI chassis with an IFS!

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