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Today’s conversation at the “Office” (Donut Shop) revolved around the upcoming events at Del Mar and Bakersfield. The usual complaints about billet cars and late model acceptance was really not the major issue. The concern was the cost of attending these events today. While we have accepted the $3.00 + a gallon gas prices, the cost of a nice hotel room and meals will set you back a little. A couple can spend $1,500 real easy on a weekend figuring $500 a day to cover all expenses. Now, if you have saved for that special part you need you can add to that cost. In general, the cost of goods and services continue to rise and the working man or retirees wages seem to lag behind the cost to have a good time. Having said that most of my friends are choosing to only go to one event rather than two. Del Mar is beautiful and near the ocean and Bakersfield is…well Bakersfield.

I plan to go to both but only for one day. My wife loves San Diego so she will drop me off and go shopping for the day. I have not been to Del Mar for several years but feel I need to go this year and enjoy the cars and people. I hope the weather cooperates.

The day flew by and I accomplished very little on Andre. I made a pattern for the steering mount and talked to Tom about the best choice for a steering gear. He recommended the Tommy Smart 525 box with a 14:1 ratio for easy steering. Tom builds a lot of cars so I will take his advice and see if I can locate one tomorrow. I change my mind every day.

I received some photos of some 40’s that I will share with you. It seems that 40’s not 32’s are dominating my time and blog these days. I will bring you some Deuce of Spades information tomorrow. Faith has made great progress on her film…

Stay Tooned!



Bob O’s model A is chopped 5 inches for that perfect chop. The body was a cherry pie he purchased locally and had Scott do the work.


The flathead is mounted and hooked up to the driveline. Looks good with the Thickston manifold. Front axle is a 1940 with split bones and drum brakes.


Rear end is a Culver City Halibrand which looks like brand new inside. Model A rear spring and crossmember were installed by the Kennedy boys and Bob installed the parts when he got the chassis home.


Tradition calls for a 39 box and this one is a rebuilt version hooked up to the flathead. Bob O has a fresh bright red flathead engine ready to go when the paint work is finished.


Tim has started another 40 coupe to add to his collection of 40 coupes. This one will be very nice and a little different, right Tim? Folkstone gray looks good on coupes.


Bob has a nice 40 delivery going together in Clear Lake. Having the paint and bodywork completed is a big step in the right direction. He has built several deliveries over the years.


Rear door looks good. Bob uses bear claw latches to make a strong connection for the rear door.


Sometimes I would like to have an engine test stand to make sure the motor is free from leaks and problems before installing in car. This is a commercial unit that is manufactured locally.


I think the 40 woody is the one to have. Much smaller than a 46-48 and fits in my garage much better. Price one of these cars today and you wish you would have purchased that one for $12K in 1984.

Todays Deuce…Faith is coming to you in June.


Movie buffs will enjoy the “Deuce of Spades” coming to a theater near you in June. More tomorrow…

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