Thursday’s Thoughts

I missed Wednesday’s Worries worrying about the San Diego Chargers injuries, Barrett Jackson prices and who will win the American Idol votes. So today I must put on my thinking cap and provide you my thoughts. The winds in LA are very strong today and it means I will stay inside and work on my roadster. I am in the process of ordering axles for the QC and have called a couple of places to inquire. I did not know they could ask so many questions about building an axle. I am now versed on how to make the right choice. Donnie suggested Strange in Chicago, my home town, and so I gave them a call. Nice people to deal with and very knowledgeable. They got the order.

My good friend, Manny, from Phoenix called earlier today as was wondering what a Dearborn Deuce on a TCI chassis with a Kugel front and rear suspension would be worth. I told him to turn on Barrett Jackson and watch the show. The fellow wanting to sell it has invested about $68K so far. He just has pieces, no assembly, paint or upholstery. These cars are nice and many are well over the six figures when completed. In today’s market, read that “RECESSION” a hot rod is worth what someone will pay you for it. There are plenty of sources to watch the pricing, but you cannot determine the transaction price in most cases. List price does not indicate the actual selling price, but will give you a feel for the pricing on these cars.

Now for some pictures from my trip to the City by the Bay.

Stay Tooned!



Roy Brizio built 35 Phaeton with Duvall windshield and Roy’s signature blue paint .


1940 Ford dash installation looks great. These dashes fit in anything and look good. Sid’s interior.


Cute little Model A RPU that had all the goodies, wires, bias, QC and super black paint. Poor picture. Need that new camera!


Here is a look at Tom’s interior in his 3 window. Perfect and very comfortable.


SBC with Corvette valve covers, Vintage Air serpentine system and headers. Cool!


Sign on Tom’s garage. Danville Dukes original clubhouse.



Since I worked for GMC for 40 years, I should have one of these. Super little roadster racer with inline.

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