Thursdays Thoughts

We had another 85 degree day in Southern California. I can’t believe this weather. I am enjoying being outside and wearing shorts again. Jane and I spent the entire day on the gates and installing the mock up block in Andre. The gates and painting were time consuming but fortunately for me paint needs time to dry. I persuaded the wife to help me put the mock up block in the sedan delivery. The block is a sore subject between the wife and I. I have moved this block from Michigan in 1973 to every spot we lived and she always wondered why. I like it and it works for me. I have wanted the plastic one but never could see spending the bucks when I had the real thing. I always mount the block on cross braces so I can adjust the motor back and forth and sideways. I use two pieces of square tubing and 4 bolts in the block. The building of brackets for the motor and steering box as well as exhaust clearance is now possible without leaving the garage.

The roof man never showed so I am now faced with calling someone else. I don’t know how they stay in business.

Stay tooned!



Mo had the fast one in the late 40’s. Don gave me this picture he has had all these years.


Now restored, Mo’s roadster was at Pebble Beach a few years ago. The car was restored by the Stirneman brothers in St. Louis. Perfect and one of my favorites.


After the gates, the wife helped me install the block in Andre’s engine compartment. She has a strong back.


I use the cherry picker and a front cross bar to hold the engine while I jacked up the back.


I place a rear bar across the back x member to hold the engine in about the correct position.


The front bar allows me to adjust the height and move the engine from side to side.


The driver’s side is the only problem side. The exhaust manifold and steering gear are very close.


There is plenty of room for the engine to clear the firewall which is precious to me. I don’t like to cut anything on these old Fords. This will be a complete bolt in transformation.


The front crossmember needs to be cut for the stock fuel pump to fit. I will use an Aeromatic “quiet” pump in the tank.

Todays roadster…dreaming!


The owner has papers that state this is the Potvin roadster started by the late Craig Smith in Detroit and finished in LA a few years back. A very desirable Deuce.

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