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Some people have the ability to build a car in record time. Alan is one of those individuals. He has been working on the 48 convertible for about 7 months and it is ready for paint. The chassis is complete and really fits the car’s style. I have some pictures of his chassis for your today. Please note he does everything himself. The car never leaves his garages. I hope to bring you the finished product real soon.

Now for my progress, my car never leaves my garage either but it never gets to the stage that it is ready for paint. I hope Andre will prove to be different. I have spent the last several days taking off all the parts I am not going to use and finding a home for them. Now I will see if I can move along with the suspension installation. I have all the parts so wish me luck.

Stay Tooned!



Alan installed the IFS and widened the cross member for an OD transmission. Nice work, indeed.


Another photo of the front suspension and frame work. Note detail of mounting the body on new rubber mounts. This will be a nice ride and should be real comfy.


How is this for some nice floorpan work. This car has very nice sheet metal, especially the floor pan. I like cars done this clean. Rear axle is a Ford housing with dual parallel leafs. Henry would be proud.


Close up of floor pan showing how nice it is really is. Alan has a rotisserie he uses to paint the bottom side.


Here is Alan’s current ride. This is an all steel roadster that he would like to sell and it is of the same quality as the convert above. If interested let me know.


Here is the last convertible I did when I retired. These make nice cars and are easy to find. Total transformation was about 6 months including back surgery. It makes a difference when you start with a nice restored car to begin with.

Todays real ride…I did finish this one.


I drove this car for a couple of years and sold it to pursue another 33 roadster…why?

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