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Breakfast with the boys is always a good time. I headed to the office and caught up on all the latest but Bob’O wanted to go to breakfast. I told the wife I would be back by noon so off I went to the Deli. Bob drove his chopped Mercury today and was proud of his new wind wing handles he installed. Dick also came along and told us about his Cadillac getting painted at the Painting Place in TO. Painting the Cadillac will be like painting three Hiboy roadsters…it is a big car. I finally came home and started to work on Andre.

I did some research on the booster system they are using today and decided to go with the large 8 inch and a Corvette M/C. Fred thought this would do the job of stopping the large delivery. After looking for my adapter, I finally remembered I sold it at last years LARS. I went to the computer and looked up CE and ordered another one. I will see if Fred has any as I can always use a spare. You could make one of these but for the price I choose to purchased this item. It is merely a piece of tubing with flat stock welded on each end. While this part is en route, I can get the chassis ready and get the old center section out of the frame. With my back, I will need to enlist some help from my friends to remove the rivets. Where is that Plasma cutter when you need it.

I am now starting to think about the rear springs. I have not had good luck with the TCI units as they seem to bounce you all over the place. I used the CE Sedan Delivery units on my 46 delivery and they rode good. Fred used those on his delivery and likes the ride. I should have ordered them at the same time but I am still not sure what springs to use. I think someone was selling some good ones in the Portland area but I can’t recall his name.

I located some photos of my old delivery chassis and I am using them as a guide…

Stay Tooned!



Each year I look forward to the SO-CAL open house. This was a 37 chassis that was under construction. The uniqueness of this chassis caught my eye. Note the center bracing and boxed frame.


This is another approach to adding a power brake system to a 40.


The front end combines and old CE 4 bar set up using hairpins and a tube axle.


Coil overs on the rear are popular on 35 – 40 chassis. Fat Jack has been using them for years. This gives a very clean look compared to the leaf springs.


I have been following this build on the HAMB and think this one of the best looking sedans being built right now. Louvers will provide all the A/C you will need.


Side profile shows heavy chop and non dropped axle. Very nice!


When California Street Rods first opened I took some pictures of these beauties. Mike had the blue roadster and Jack had the phaeton. Both cars were built at CSR’s in Huntington Beach, CA. I had a Phaeton at the time (1985).


Chip, a long time friend and college buddy, has one fine 1937 Ford Phaeton in his collection. He has owned this one for many years. His passion is rebuilding Corvettes.


The rear view shows the bustle on these cars unlike the 39 which is less protrusive. Nice ride…currently on the list after the 62 Chevy 409 convertible.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


I like different colors and this one from Las Vegas was a hit with me. The car looks like a product of SC Las Vegas. Lenny, did you do this one?

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