Thursdays Thoughts

I took some time off today to fix the master bedroom shower but still had time to work on the wishbone splitting. I am using a PewFab transmission mount with wishbone mounts. The plate covers the entire bottom of the cradle and makes a very solid platform. I did not have time for photos so maybe next week I can show you the bottom plate.

The weekend is shaping up very nicely. Several events are being planned, Early Times Winter run, Fergerson Open house, Solid Axle Corvette show and Boyds BBQ to name a few. California is full of events and I hope to have some photos for you next week.

I am advertising my roadster for sale and have several responses from various sources. I don’t think anything will come of it but I sure get some interesting trades from people. I don’t know about you, but I prefer to trade my cars for another car as it doesn’t seem to hurt so bad. I hardly ever recover my cost and labor but a new car you like makes that O.K…right! As I have stated, I prefer Hot Rods, but like all types of old Fords…Sedans, Coupes and Roadsters from 1932 -1940 are my favorites. Lots of folks have their cars for sale this time of year so maybe I will find something. I know my friend Steve is looking also and has found a couple that suit his needs. This is sure fun…

Stay Tooned!



Here is a nice trans mount and rear support in a 34 chassis. Mine is similar.


Homemade components in a 40 Ford. Old build but still going down the road.


Full P&J components in a 40 Ford. Well used and still going down the road.


I could really enjoy a nice clean Deuce sedan and call it quits.


On the other hand, I could really enjoy a nice 40 coupe and call it quits.


Bob still has this nice 33 roadster for sale. This little car drives as good as you can expect from a straight axle car. I know as I have driven it down the hiway. If mine were done and rode like this I would be a happy camper and call it quits.


Here is another 34 coupe for sale. This ride has a very nice chassis with a Champ and all the tirmmings. The body is glass but a very nice one. Does it really make a difference going down the road. Myron wants one.


I personally like this black coupe as I am partial to black cars. I call it the Bob’O influence.


When I was young, when the dance was over I always wanted a nice 40 sedan like Orville’s to take my date home. This is one of the nicest built sedans around. My wife likes it also.

Today’s Ride…dreaming!


Kevin’s SO-CAL built Lombard Blue roadster is still my favorite”Contempary Tradiitonalist” built hiboys.

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