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I was off to the office early today to see what Bob was up to. He has been working on his roadster and Jag rear end. I think he is learning a lot by doing a Jaguar rear axle. I installed several of these in the 70’s and while they rode great I preferred the Halibrand or 9 inch station wagon rear. Bob had Vern’s do the chrome work and that is another whole car in itself. Chrome work is really expensive today. After the office, I headed home as the wife was going shopping today…which meant…

I had all day to work on the cars. I made the decision to make the exhaust system for my new motor. I needed to make the front part of the exhaust pipes so they would clear the starter and oil filter. I always make my own system as I can’t afford the mandrel bent ones being offered by SO-CAL. The Long Beach Swap meet has all the U bends you need. I use my chop saw to make the square cuts. If you don’t cut the tubing squarely you will have a tough time welding the gaps. I thought this would give me some practice welding thin gauge metal (16 gauge). Things went well and I finished both sides. The next step will be to put the motor in the car and fabricate the reaming exhaust pipes. I think I will have them coated in a satin black to go with the theme of the roadster….

Stay Tooned!



Bill has the real thing he is putting together. This car came to Bill in pieces. I would do a lot for this one.


Lou had the right idea with his 325 Hemi in his delivery. Looks cool and that manifold is a rare item. Is this in the 40 coupe now?


I installed a home built 327 in my 48 convert. I had a ball doing this and the car ran very strong despite being very heavy.


I mounted the starter and the exhaust to see what I needed to do to make it fit. The exhaust pipe hit the starter. I needed about 1 inch more clearance.


The head pipe would need to be cut and a U-bend added to obtain the correct curvature to clear the starter.


I use my chop saw to get a perpendicular cut across the pipe. Anything else makes welding tough and the cross section does not match.


Now I have the correct angle for the next bend.


Here is the next section after welding it to the down pipe.


The drivers side was harder and required more bends due to the steering gear location. A MII makes this easy as you have a straight shot downward with no steering gear to worry about. The R&P steering shaft comes close but misses the header.


Gary has the look I am after in Andre but the roadster needs headers to fit the build theme. Agree!

Today’s 40 convert…dreaming!


Mike had Bob build him a cherry convert. Note axle and SBC. I like this set up the best as it just looks right to me.

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