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It is past my bedtime but I promised more photos and will post a few more. I have had a very good day working on Andre removing all of the rear floor wood. My friend Frank sent me a picture of his nice 5 window in the Suede Palace. He won a trophy for being the best car in the Palace. Now that is nice. Frank loves cars more than I do…well almost. I am headed there tomorrow to look at a new 40 PU that is for sale. My convert may be near…

Stay Tooned!



Yes, this car is still alive. I talked to the owner yesterday and we are getting closer. Where will I put it? I will make room or move the roadster to Bob’s new warehouse…he owes me.


Old Crow Speed Shop is next door to HHR’s and we always stop by and look at his “Stuff”. Lucky showed us around and was happy to let us roam. Thanks Lucky.


This is a real deal roadster waiting for work to begin. They are everywhere in LA.


HHR’s next year’s candidate for the 2011 GNRS. This car has amazing and very unique features for a Deuce. Note this is a right hand drive vehicle.


Lots going on here…shocks, steering mount, motor mounts, shroud, etc. Everything is hand made and right on the money. I understand 3 years in the making.


Moal style vents were being installed by one of Troy’s young craftsman. The fit was perfect in front of the DuVall windshield.


The roadster has a very special flathead for power. How many spark plugs did Henry install?…16


Troy will start on his 3 window when time allows. I am sure it will be special. Three windows are the latest rage in the shops….something different than a roadster. The Kennedy Boys had a beauty in their shop. Jay was taking about 2 1/2 inches out of the top for SO-CAL. He does wonderful metal work.


O.K., so Frank won a cool trophy for his “right on” 5 window. I love this car.


My last car this week from the GNRS. This clone by Jim Latin grabbed you as you walked into the race car building. I saw it at the LARS a few years ago but it is not seen much in my circles.

Perfect clone. Thanks, Jim.

Tomorrow’s Feature…


Steve’s beauty from back where it snows. I hope you tune in tomorrow and see the rest of the features on this Aston Martin Green 39 convert.

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