Thursdays Thoughts

As we approach the GNRS gala event I find myself planning all the places to visit during the week. Most shops will host some type of event or don’t mind if you stop by for a visit. Set up day is Thursday so I figure Wednesday would be a good day to hit the places near Pomona or down in Orange County. I know some of the back East people are anxious to arrive in CA early to warm up and enjoy the cars that are being built. I have my favorites and they let me take pictures of the projects. This promises to be a good year even with the economy still in a slump.

I did get a line on a sedan delivery rear bumper but have not contacted the person yet. I know I can find one to copy or purchase. I have all the remaining parts and have not searched for any new items in a while. Lyn in SD has some on eBay that have come way down in price. She had a 1940 SD for over 30 years. Nice lady.

Today is a great weather day so I better get back out in the garage and make something happen…

Stay Tooned!



One choice for a motor is the 327 SBC with Camel Hump heads. I am not an orange fan, but Krylon can fix anything.


Steve’s beauty would look good in Andre if I am forced back to a flathead by the CARB.


How about a SBC disguised as and early Olds. Olds has been out of business for a few years so maybe this would work.


Another JF photo of a wrecked Deuce. No wonder they are so rare. Again, I hope no one was hurt.


This is from Paul at SS magazine. He knows I like these cars. Forty front end with 39 headlights look good on this convertible sedan. A very high end sedan from Tracy, CA.


This is my neighbors wife’s car. The car is for sale if anyone is interested, please let me know. The car is very nice, MII, nine inch, 350/350 and a stainless exhaust system…not cheap.


Please count the number of cylinders and let me know what I can put this in.


Now your talking… a 327 in a Deuce. Bob has an Offy in his other car. I think they burn clean…don’t they?

Today’s ride…dreaming!


Tom’s beauty at Roy’s. This has to be one of the nicest 40’s built in recent years. Tom has the tenacity to put a pile of pieces together without a scratch and the end result is perfect. Mohair interior with MII, 350/400 and a nine inch. You have to see this one.

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