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I mentioned yesterday that I was sending my gauges to Lee Kelly in Idaho and needed to get them ready. I have 3 standard panels to choose from, one truck and 2 passenger car. I took the original one from Andre apart as the case was rusted, not badly but I wanted to inspect the internal parts to make sure they were restorable. Of course, the screws (yes those same screws) were rusted in place and damaged slots from previous attempts. I have them soaking in oil to see if I can remove them today. The standard panel is not correct for a delivery as they used Deluxe panels. I don’t think a Chevrolet V8 is correct either, so I am not worrying about my choice. I think the standard panel is much more attractive and easier to read.

I have seen some really neat faces from Classic and United but Lee only does the stock look. I will have to live with that for now. Some restorers use VDO gauges which fit the 2″ hole in the case. You simply add the 40 faceplate to the gauge and presto 12 volt modern gauges with the original look. I am not sure how they attach the face panel to the gauge but I have seen many of them done that way. I would like to do it myself but I don’t have the talent or patience for detail work.

I received several ideas on how to add the bead to the sedan I was looking at but all would require extensive work on a finished car. I am going to pass and keep looking. I sort of fell in love with another series of 40 Fords this week… ( I change every week)..the convertible is a very good looking car. We have two in our lunch bunch, Dave’s chopped purple one and Dick’s black Carson top beauty. Both cars are very nicely done and California cars. I am a really stock looking sort of person but the chopped ones are growing on me. The stock 40 convertible top just doesn’t look right to me. You can lower the center bow and gain some improvement but a couple of inches really makes it look right on. I could never chop one, but I would purchase one without any problem….where is that old Hauser Carson Top tag I had.

Stay Tooned!

Lynn the dreamer


Primer is O.K. in my book. Great ride to the office every day. This style must have a black plate to be cool.


Here is another cool barn find convertible.


The little darling sits good and looks ready to cruise. Spotlight came in handy at the drive-in movie shows.


See what I mean about the tops on stock 40’s. The center bow needs lowered about an inch.


My friend John only likes this look. Way cool dude…which way to the beach.


High school buddy Dave and a recent lunch bunch attendee’s nice custom 40. Joe Nitti purple. Not quite but cool.


Felix has this project for sale for $18K. Some assembly required.


Nice car but the top needs an attitude adjustment or left folded down.


Personal taste but this one does it for me. I would guess about 2 1/2 inches.


Steve ” I hate old cars” stole this one away from me a few years ago. I chased this guy all over Neveda trying to purchase the car and no it was not for sale. Steve made the deal. I know he will give it to me some day.


Rear view of a very nice original car with a SBC hooked to the stock driveline. I dream about this one and seeing it at P-Town each year for many years.

Today’s flathead in a 40….dreaming.


Beautiful engine in an equally attractive 40 coupe. SAR builds some of the best out there. Andre would look good in blue and cream with chrome accents. He could go to the prom.

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