Thursday’s Thoughts

Back to normal. Headed out to secure a new motor for the roadster. I had a friend give me a transmission that will probably need rebuilt, but it is a start. I checked with the Chevy dealer and he recommended the 330 HP motor over the 290. Much better internals according to him. Also much more expensive. I now will look at a LT1 that I located today. 1970 style, good heads, intake, good stuff and priced below a crate motor. Cheap is the way of the new year.

A friend of mine, John, sent me some pictures from the Deuce Day at the Dearborn celebration. Does anyone remember Lewis MacMillian from North Carolina? He had a very nice chopped 3 window that has been featured in the magazines. Pete and Jake chassis, etc. Well here are some photos of his roadster with SO-CAL racing history.

Stay Warm and Tooned!



Lewis’s very fine roadster, real deal, funky Duvall, flathead, smooth hood, bias belts…O.K. by me.


Nice angle shot of the famous Deuce. Everyone has something a little different.


Auburn dash with Aircraft gauges or “lunchbox” gauges as they were called. I like the maroon dash color. Nice contrast rather than the black. I will copy in my roadster.


Cute 5 window for sale on Hop Up. Take a look at this months Hop Up. Lou would like this one.


Famous 39 Tub for sale on ebay. $140K. Step up or Step back. I love these cars.



Pete’s 46 convert from San Jose. This has it all, stance, whitewalls, steelies, Sids interior, ZZ4, 700R4, AC, ETC. Mine will look like this someday, no scallops around wheelwells,

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