Thursday’s Thoughts

Yes, we are approaching the Holiday season. Stores are full of things to purchase and people are starting to feel good about the economy. I normally concentrate on my family in November and December so the cars will have to wait. I can only hope that the new year will bring completion to one of my projects…Andre.

I have the rear wood almost completely removed and the car is ready to go to the blaster. I need to primer the parts I picked up yesterday but the weather is a little on the cool side for painting. Maybe next week will be better. She is looking better all the time. I need a new driver’s side rear fender. After blasting, the rear portion is too rough for me. So far I have found a pair of NOS ones for $1500. I don’t think I can afford that so I am still looking.

I have received lots of pictures from my viewers so I can offer some new pictures today.

Have a look.

Stay Tooned!



Lou sent me some pictures he received of this fabulous flathead manifold collection. I am only showing you a portion of the collection. I took many, many years to locate all of these. I am sure this is Bob Whitehead’s collection. He was my neighbor in Laguna.


Every collection needs and Ardun on display. These are gold and I am sure this is the real deal not a reproduction.


More manifolds and superchargers. I could spend days looking at these. My neighbor in Laguna had a extensive collection of manifolds and Arduns and this is his collection which he moved to Arkansas several years ago. I recognize the cars.


You must have a 40 coupe to install one of these manifolds and blowers. I am sure it sounds “Sweet”.


Blown flatheads are the best. 200 hp plus makes them go fast.


Not the owner but a spectator who is dazzled by all the neat stuff in Bob’s garage.


He also has a nice 3 window with a Chevy just in case the flatmotor doesn’t want to start…blown, of course.


Jim from MN sent in his pretty red truck that he is selling. Chopped 2 inches, 350/350 and Nova Clip. Looks fantastic. If interested let me know via email and I will put you in touch.


I ran across this early photo of the roadster. The Champ looks good in a 33/34 but is too big for a Deuce.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


Roy built this one a few years ago and I really liked the car. I see the car each year at P-Town.

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