Thursday’s Thoughts

The wife had the first Bunko party of the season last night. Twelve women in the house at one time can be challenging for a man. All went well, as we have a big house and the nose level was kept to a minimum. Fall is a great time of the year. I can remember growing up in the Midwest with the Cider mills opening and serving fresh donuts and cider. Jane and I used to go to Franklin every weekend and enjoy the food and weather. California is different in the fall but still a wonderful time to visit the pumpkin patches and have some cider or better yet a glass of wine in the very colorful Napa Valley. Jane is leaving for the Bay area and I am sure will be visiting the wine country this weekend.

Northern California is a beautiful place and full of hot rod activities. The Early Wheels, an old car club from the past, had a reunion dinner at Brizio’s this week and much like the Bunko party turned out great. Getting together with old friends in our hobby is about as good as it gets. Having the dinner at Roy’s place really makes it a worth while evening. Gary sent a couple of pictures to me that I will share with you. I think most of you know I like 5 window coupe as well as sedans. Sid has just completed his new 5 window and pulled it into Roy’s shop for everyone to view. Where do they find these cars? Bodies alone, regardless of condition, are really expensive. Roy has a supply chain that is endless. I think people call Dave and see if they have a customer that is looking for a Deuce or 40 coupe. Roy has just finished an addition to his facility and showed the group his new possession. Roy is one of the best in the business and a wonderful person and business man.

Work on Andre continues. I now have all the parts off the car and ready for transporting to the blaster. I am somewhat apprehensive about the procedure but have been assured all will be O.K. Pray for me please.

Stay Tooned!



Sid’s new 5 window. Black with signature red interior and painted steelies without beauty rings. Cool ride for sure.


Rear view parked outside Roy’s shop waiting to enter the kingdom. Note license plate.


Side shot of a slightly chopped (2 1/2″) coupe. Bias tires add to the look of today. Modern traditionalist is the term Gray would have used.


Front view showing low mounted headlights and Buick drums. Louvered hood also adds to the look. The louver guys are keeping busy in LA.


Here is a body for sale on JJ for only $18K. You would spend another $20K making it good enough for Black paint. The Kennedy Boys can fix these cars to look really good and be painted black. Someone will be making these out of steel real soon. Wescott built a 5 window with roadster quarters but the project has been put on hold due to economy and Dee’s passing. Glass would be O.K. with me.


Winters has a new quickchange for us traditional guys. Side bells are really right on and much better than the real ones. I would guess they are pricey. SO-CAL will sell you a set completed for $425. That is a good deal. They are available in 55 -57 inches widths.

Todays delivery…my old one.


I purchase this delivery from Boyd in the early 80’s. The car came from Michigan but was originally the Beatty car from California that Tom used as a push car at Bonneville. A young man named, Bailey from Michigan, purchased the car and took it back to redo it. The roof had many dents from standing on the top at B”ville. Bailey hammered all the dents out and metal finished the top with the help of Elwood. Elwood could weld tin foil to cardboard. When I purchased the car the paint was really checked but I drove it for several years as a surf wagon while in Laguna Beach. My son loved it. I eventually sold it to a man who again redid the car with MII and all the current SR stuff including turquoise paint. I believe it is still in the Valley somewhere…another one that got away. I paid $3500 for this car in 84…running, driving, sbc and dropped axle. Thanks Jack.

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