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I received a call from Bob asking me if I could come over and help him with his new Neil Gates top. Neil had driven up from the beach to do the final fitting on the top irons and bow assembly. I grabbed my camera and headed to the office. The boys were heavy into the BS when I arrived and I added my two cents. I found a nice old 40 convert to show everyone and it was a big hit. The time was passing and the temperature was rising so we headed to Bob’s house for the final fitting. As you recall, Neil had to remake the front irons to make them fit the laid back windshield post. The posts are laid back 18 degrees which provide the early look and eliminate the vertical stance of the stock post.

The new top irons fit almost perfect but we had to take about an 1/8 of an inch off of each side. Bob’s car is really right on the money with the Rod Bods body and 3 inch chopped posts. After some tough cutting, stainless is very hard to cut, we mounted the irons and Neil headed home for the day. If you need a top for your Deuce, Neil Gates if the man to see. He has been doing these for over 30 years and knows his stuff.

Here are some photos of the installation…

Stay Tooned!



Here is the final version of the top irons and bows. Note rear bow has been lowered and the center bow laid down but not too much. Profile should be perfect for the early look.


I stood far away and looked at the top again…still looks good to me.


From the rear, when covered, the top will look really chopped. Bob is fussy about the look. No stock height cars in his garage.


Detail of the craftsmanship that Neil puts into his work. Irons are all stainless and the bows are from Oak Bows. Nice!


More of the irons detail.


The bow had to be trimmed as well as the irons. Neil will finish when he returns home to the beach. The beach has priority to SO-CAL residents. Right Dude!


Freiburger’s Deuce sedan. This one is available if you have something to trade him. See Craigslist/LA for his ad. Where could I purchase a driver. Maybe the CARS program would qualify for the purchase.


Bob will have to drive this one while he waits for Neil to finish the top.

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