Thursday’s Thoughts

I was very busy yesterday bringing home my new project. The sedan delivery had been stored for many years in a storage lot about 3 miles from my home. I normally look in these lots from the street to see if any treasures exists, but somehow I missed this one even though it is only 300 feet from my neighbors garage where he keeps his 41 delivery. Now as most of you know, good friends are very valuable when you need assistance. I cannot lift anything or bend to any extent so I want to personally thank Bob and Ron for doing all the work in moving the car to my garage. Bob had some tires and wheels that we bolted on the car and pulled the car on the super trailer for the journey home. All went smoothly and the whole job took less than an hour. The car cooperated by rolling and steering easily.

I would also like to thank the owner Andre, which is the name I applied to my car, ( I name all of my cars) for permitting me to take the car before we finished the deal. I just didn’t want the car to sit outside another night with the rats having a place to sleep. The weather has not been kind to the car but I am hopeful it will clean up without too much damage.

Here are some photos of Andre’s move to his new home. He is no longer homeless.

Stay Tooned!


Andre the 1941 Ford Sedan Delivery with a 40 deluxe hood and grille. The same as the picture at the top of the blog.


This is how the Andre looked sitting in the lot. The cover had been blown off for a long time according to the neighbors. Looks rough here.


Ron and Bob are installing the tires. Thanks guys for all of your assistance.


Here is Ron after the initial loading. No he is not beating the tin with the tire iron.


All loaded, tied down and ready for the trip home. Thanks to Ron,(left) and Bob (right) for the help. I could never had done it by myself or even hired it done.


Home safe and sound. We only passed one policeman who was busy. They like old Fords anyway as Bob forgot to put a plate on his trailer.


Unloaded and ready to check into the Pew Hilton for an extended stay. Andre will get excellent car and no more sleepless nights outside.


Here are my two guests which occupy the Presidential Suite. The Deuce resides in the single room (reduced rate) next to the


Yes I am smiling and very happy to have my new guest. I would like to thank my lovely understanding wife of 44 years for letting me to continue to purchase these gems.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


My neighbor’s 41 which I found for him. This is his shop not 300 yards from where Andre was homeless for many years.
Mine will be more stock looking than his. I am older than him…ha! He still has the front bumper in his garage.


The most important feature of a delivery is the rear door and handle. Very hard to find items. Terry’s is perfect, mine needs work but is savable and has the handle and latch.


Rear cargo area with Fred’s handiwork. Real leather and black wool. Nice!

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