Thursday’s Thoughts

I spent yesterday making more brackets. I am on the roll. The wife is gone on vacation and I can do cars all day long without interruptions for honey do’s. Progress is measured by end products and I have them completed so it has been a good day.

My friend, Tom from Salem, sent me some pictures of his latest acquisition. Tom is well over 6 foot tall with legs that go on forever. He has purchased a very neat old style Deuce hiboy for his collection. I like all of his cars but this one is the best. Tom has not been into Deuces but loves model 40’s and 39/40 Fords. When I first met him in Danville, he owned a perfect Yosemite green 40 convert with a souped up flathead. He has a thing about flatheads and has owned several. His new roadster has the look and a super top profile. I have included some pictures for you to view. Thanks Tom.

Bob and I are planning a trip to Orange County tomorrow so I should have some new pictures for you,

Back in the garage for now…

Stay Tooned!



Tom’s new Deuce roadster. This is all early 40’s stuff with a non dropped axle and all.


The car uses and understated flathead with dual carbs and some unique touches. I like it a lot.


Interior shot showing LZ wheel and patina upholstery. Wide pleats are in.


Front axle is stock height with friction shocks and links.


Note really raked windshield. This adds to the sleek top profile.


Side profile looks nice and racy. Color is a light shade of green with a black frame. Tom will need to cut a hole in the top to fit in the car. He will also have to let me have it because he is too tall. Ha!


Nice sedan body on epay. Looks perfect for chopping…not super good or bad.

Today’s ride…dreaming!


I don’t often like 27’s but this one caught my eye. My friend Bob is building one of these in his dreams.


Front view showing track nose and stance. Very nice in British Racing Green.

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