Thursday’s Thoughts

I spent yesterday doing the brake lines on the roadster so today I will take a break and work on the sedan chassis. I need to do the rear spring hangers for the model A spring. Yes, I know it is not the best choice for the old man, but I built one in the 70’s and it wasn’t too bad. The problem with the A spring is the width of the stock spring perches. The spring eye spacing requires at least a 47-48 inch spring hanger center line distance which is too close to the axle bearing housings on a 50 inch housing. I moved mine in to 46 inches so I will need to redo the main leaf. Bobo used a Speedway Motors 39 inch spring and used 4 inch shackles. I don’t like the look or the handling you get with long shackles. I can have the spring narrowed for a few bucks and it will be right. That is my project for today.

My friend George sent me some pictures of Bonneville from years ago. We have a mutual friend, Tom, who has been racing for years and currently holds the World record in his class. Speed Week is coming up and Tom will be running a new car, a 34 roadster with a 1300 hp BBC installed. His son Justin will do the driving. The speed should be over 250 mph if all goes as planned. I have never been but it seems exciting if you can afford the fuel and find a place to stay. Maybe next year and we can take the motor home.

I am off to secure some more metal at IMS so I better sign off…

Stay Tooned!



Tom’s BV Deuce…333 racing at the salt years ago. He still has the car and runs it every year. His son Justine drives the car.


The Deuce was selected as one of the Top 75 Deuces for the 75th anniversary. This is a shot at the GNRS.


Tom has an extensive garage where he builds some of the best cars for himself and customers. Spotless.


This is a wonderful shot of the Spencer car when it was owned by Neal and the clone car built by David Gale in Ohio. Gale’s car is now owned by John and is painted maroon. Dave started Curbside Frame Rails years ago.


Lou sent in a picture of his friends just finished 40 Mercury. Nice ride and rare.


This is my era’s look for 40 converts. Ford, of course.


Harvey’s 34 roadster is still sitting behind his house under a cover. I don’t think it has moved in over 40 years. He has a SD in the same condition that is stored in the garage under tons of parts. How many are out there?


Jim at “The Hot Rod Garage” did this Deuce. I like everything about it, but the interior is really unique.

Today’s ride…dreaming.


1934 tudor sedan…resto rod from the past. I used to like these better than hot rods. Old age brings back your youth and the desire for speed and recklessness.

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