Thursday’s Thoughts

Christmas was fantastic, the kids came home, we enjoyed their stay and now it is time to go back to work on the projects for 2008. I hope all of you enjoyed the holiday and are starting your diets immediately. I know I am.

I am hooked on 1940 Fords, so when I received some photos of my friend Tom’s newly constructed coupe I thought I would share them with you. Tom is a prolific builder and has built many cars including an AMBR called the Deucari. Tom’s collection includes Roadsters, Phaetons, Woodies, Coupes and Pickups. I have followed this build for several years, but now that it is almost complete I am amazed at the quality of the build.

I also ran over to Bob’s and took some pictures of my old coupe that he is putting together. 1940 Ford coupes are certainly one of my favorites. I am also partial to sedan deliveries.


Stay Tooned!


Tom’s very nice 40 Ford coupe, black with red wheels, very straight and perfect gaps.


Interior detail showing Dynamat, AC and correct dash colors.


Undercarriage is typical Tom. He is a fanatic about the finish on the underside of his cars. Note contrast between frame and floor.


Here is my old coupe at Bob’s house. He has stopped working on it to work on his roadster. The coupe chassis is completed with Heidts, 9 inch, AC, 350/4-speed, etc.


Rear showing showing completed metal work and perfect gaps. Note shortened bumper irons.

Sneak Peek


Nice 41 delivery I found on the Net. I think this might be a Sam Foose built car for the nineties or a copy.

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