Thursday’s Thoughts

While viewing to cars at the LARS last weekend, I saw some really neat construction features that I like. I always admire the neat little brackets and things builders make for their customers. I wish I had more equipment to make things. Using a die grinder, file and torch makes the bracket building a difficult job. My friend Bob, has lathes, mills, gear driven drill presses, bead blasters, plasma cutters and all the equipment necessary to make quality parts. I think I will start using some of his tools to assist me.

I did manage to go to IMS and pick up some more metal. I am a regular at this store. I stopped by Frantic’s and asked him how he did at the show and he stated business was good, lots of customers with questions. He is an expert on Air Conditioning and is the go to man for installation. They did sell the 37 sedan for one of his customers so the economy is not too bad.

This weekend is Forty Ford day so I should have some nice forties for you to view on Monday…

Stay Tooned!



Here is some of JS’s work on a 29 roadster. Note bones modification, shock brackets, etc.


Lots going on here. Trans mount, X member, battery, etc.


Ford 37 frame showing some nice brackets for exhaust, brake booster, shifter mount and breather on valve covers.


Nice sway bar on same frame. Note that it is removable. Coil over mount is arced to lower car. Nice work.


Spring hangers for model A spring. I made mine to fit my chassis. These are 1/2 thick units.


Bill’s RPU chassis with flat cross member and QC. This unit has sway bar also. Good idea. (sorry for poor picture quality)


More of Brizio built Vicky for Jorge. QC and coil overs on the rear.


Nice hairpin covers. Details like this make a Brizio car stand out in any crowd.


Sid did the upholstery in a light camel with stock looking pleats.


These motors are showing up everywhere.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming!


Super straight black 5 window was available for $55K in the preferred parking area. Looked nice.

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