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Losing a dear friend is very hard on a person. Joe Mayall was a true friend of mine and many others in our lunch bunch. He always brought some dry humor to the table and was very knowledgeable about the Hot Rod/Street Rod Industry. He knew most of the people by their first name and could tell stories about all of them. I first met Joe when I was looking for someone to produce an advertisement for my dealership. I knew that Joe was a good photographer and could tie in Trucks with Street Rods. I was right, he did a couple of ads and they brought in the customers. For that, I will always be great full to Joe and NSRA.

Another great contributor to the V8 Ford Club and enthusiasts everywhere, Lorin Sorensen passed away today. Lorin was also a historian, writer and publisher of several early Ford books during his lifetime. He helped Nick obtain the prints in his Woody Museum that were wonderful shots of the Ford factory in the early days. He will be missed by all.

With all the sad news lately I dedicated today to working on the sedan today. I find that concentrating on the car keeps you in a positive mode rather than a depressed state. I have finally decided on the brackets and housing ends to install and will pick them up tomorrow with Bob.

Bob did call this morning and asked me to come look at his gas tank problem. It seems like he was testing the tank for leaks and put to much pressure on the connection and the tank basically exploded. He forgot to put a gauge on the inlet to limit the tank pressure to 5 pounds or so. He put a full 100 plus pounds in the tank and Bang…no one was hurt and the tank can be fixed. Lesson for today…Never put excessive pressure in a fuel tank.

Tomorrow will be a better day for all of us.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s new 40 delivery. He can put them together in a couple of months. Running, driving and for sale. See Fordbarn.


Billet Ford housing ends. Too fat for me.


Another RPU from Florida. Looks very nice with Tacoma cream wheels and caps. The cream firewall also sets the tone.


No one can argue the beauty of a 36 roadster. Stock or custom these make nice cars.


Benny’s Brizio built hiboy from the 90’s. QC and Roy’s signature look. Duvall windshield was popular in the 90’s but has given way to the traditional 3 inch chopped windshield.


History track T that has been restored and shows up at the LARS each year.


PG will be in the swap area with this original Deuce. Paul always has something new for sale.


This Detroit Deuce may show up this year. You never know who will be in attendance at this show. Save your money and come to LA on Father’s Day.


You can stop by SO-CAL Speed shop on Friday and pickup this kit for about $50K. This is probably a good deal considering what original bodies are going for in the swap meet on Saturday.

Today’s ride…Dreaming


Butch’s hiboy form the 90’s. Still looks good and was the style back then. Coil over front on real narrow Super Bell axle.

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