Thursday’s Thoughts

I am leaving early in the morning for Bakersfield which is only 90 miles North of Simi. Walt and I hope to enjoy the cars and old friends who always show up at this event. The announcement by NSRA that next year the events will allow 30 year and older cars into the show has a lot of people concerned. I understand the reasoning as us older folks are dying off and the younger ones are not into old cars of the 30’s and 40’s. I wish them all the success in the world but hopefully the LA Roadster Show won’t start allowing 1980 Toyota mini trucks with the tops cut off to park in the roadster area. Life is about change. Just as the world is changing now I suppose the Hot Rod scene is changing also. I for one will not be featuring 1980 models in my blog. I am still stuck in the prewar years and plan to stay there for my remaining days. I enjoy all types of cars but not all in the same show. I am sure things will work out, but just in case they don’t, I will still have my extensive collection of pictures of the cars I love.

I am still working on the Deuce sedan Hiboy project and hopefully will have the rear end mounted next week. Pictures of Bakersfield on Monday.

Stay Tooned!



I thought about purchasing a 34 Hiboy sedan a coupe of years ago and found this one in Napa. Kevin, a talented builder, put this together for his wife and kids. Nice chop job. Tig welded and looking good.


Here is the same car on epay this week. Rust is in the air. Lots of good parts, QC, SO-CAL, etc.


I also had the desire for a 39 tub. I located this one is a trailer and out of site for many years. My friend John also knew of the car. He convinced Bruce to purchase it they put it on the street. This car has some So-CAL history I am sure. Carson Top is next. John knows how these should look as he has owned a famous one in the past.


Rear view shows Stude tail lights, shaved deck lid and handles. Yes, this is what you do to these big tubs.


Another 4 door. This time a Deuce sedan that Jon has dropped to the ground in more ways than one. Sectioned?


Rare Cabriolet from Ohio. Flames are unique to Ohio and Bill’s ability. Josh maybe can do them also.


I like the interior that Jim put in his Deuce. Plain with class. Baseball stitching is different.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming


Roy hit a home run with this coupe. Look at his website for a full build feature. I wonder what he will have this year.

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