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The subject today is the installation of a Model A rear crossmember in a Deuce chassis. Bobo and I visited the Kennedy Boy’s again and saw several versions of this classic installation. The Jalopy Journal has a lot of threads on this subject and they all differ in the approach. I am installing one in my sedan project and have encountered some problems that need solutions.


Rear Model A crossmember was installed level with the frame and 112 1/2″ back from the center of the front crossmember. This provides the centering of the rear wheels. I hope that applies to A’s also.


Bobo also had the master cylinder mount made and Deuce pedal set up for hydraulic brakes. Jason does nice work. Tig welding is super.


Bobo installed the new SO-CAL bolt in front crossmember. He will weld it when finished with chassis.

I started the installation with the frame level in the main body location and leveled the crossmember to 0 degrees just as Henry did in the original. The center of the rear crossmember is exactly 6 1/2″ forward of the center of the rear axle housing. I am using a Winters Quickchange with 40 axle tubes. The distance between the front crossmember center and the rear one is 112 1/2″ which makes the wheelbase 106 1/2″. I have read where some people move the rear back 1/2″ to center the tires in the wheel wells. I don’t have a body yet so I have just tacked in the parts for mock up. On a highboy, I am not sure a 1/2″ would be noticeable.


I am making my own spring hangers and using P&J ladder bars and brackets to secure the housing. I am also using coil over shock mounts just in case the A spring is too harsh for my old back. I built one of these chassis’s in the 70’s and never got to drive it so I am not sure of the ride it will produce. I don’t expect much but love the looks on a quick change rear end. Coil overs just don’t look correct too me. This is a picture of the mock up Ford 9 inch wagon rear end that can be swapped for the QC. Very versatile as I am not building anymore frames.


I am installing ladder bars to the DF center crossmember. I always use P&J components as they have quality parts and I like the design.


Walt’s Potvin roadster still has the perfect rear end. No fat in this one.


Here is the Champ in my 33. Too big for a Deuce in my mind and don’t look period correct.

The final body choice will be what I can find for a decent amount of money. I prefer a sedan, but a Brookville is probably more in the budget.

Today’s Ride…Dreaming


Ready for the run flatty powered Deuce at Trompers.

Stay Tooned!


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