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As we grow older we often think about growing up in the early days. I grew up in a small town in Illinois about 150 miles south of Chicago. I was involved in cars from about the age of 13. My father liked cars and had a model B, as he called it. The model B was a tudor sedan and soon became a model 18. Dad installed a flathead of unknown vintage. I have never been a flathead lover as far as power goes, but I love the looks of one all dressed up. The sedan served our family well and I learned to drive it way before I turned 16. I guess that is why I still want to build a Deuce sedan hiboy. Dad’s had fenders, but when it was my car the fenders were stored in the garage. I wonder if they are still there? Nope, dad threw them in the dump along with the car. I moved on to a 53 Chevrolet and forgot about Deuces for the next few years. The Chevy had lots of room for the girlfriend and I made it a full custom like Moonglow. I was really something. My friend Dave and I entered shows and won all the trophies. College was next and the dream of working for General Motors came true. The Chevrolet was the only car to own in my town, but the thought of the Deuce never left my mind. Upon arriving in Detroit in 1965, I found a 5 window and have not been without a Deuce of some sort ever since.

Thanks, Dad.

Stay Tooned!



My Dad’s wasn’t this good but it was perfect for me at 13 years old. The Midwest was hard on cars.


Nice 40 Std. at NSRA last year. Love those standards. Stance is everything on a 40. I like Amercians and steelies the best.


My buddy Chip sent me this photo of a youngster and his 36. I ask Tom to see if it is still around in Salem, OR. The owner looks proud like I did with my Chevy. Note all the custom touches.


Jon has some nice Deuces. The Washington blue 5 window is a nice ride for the daughter.


Some Tech today. HHR brake treatment on the roadster they are building. Wilson Welding and Lincoln drums. Looks good.


Tom’s tech. Buick backing plates with Buick drums on the Halibrand. I will have pictures of this car next month. I know it will be the best.

Dreaming…Today’s ride.


Carson Top clone by Steve Pierce in New Hampshire. The top runs about $10K today. Houser or Gaylord were much cheaper, but so was a Deuce.

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