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Busy, busy, busy. I have been running all week long and other than having a good time I have not accomplished much. Have you ever had one of those weeks? Toppers Tuesday was a good day with lots of people in attendance but no roadsters. Why don’t people drive their Hot Rods? It seems Hot Rods are saved for the weekends. The conversation at Toppers centered around old people’s health issues, but we finally got to the cars. It really is amazing that terms like, You can’t build it for that, What is worth?, He paid too much for the car, I lost money on the car and all the other terms people use to describe their investment in cars becomes more important than the car itself. Have you ever heard… you paid too much for a pair of shoes or a new Tommy Bahama shirt…No. You purchased the item because you liked it, not what it would be worth in the future. We don’t worry about things that are thrown away after purchasing.

Old cars are and always have been looked at an as investment that will paid off in the end. People really don’t want to buy a Hot Rod and loose money when they sell it. I don’t know why. Perhaps the hobby has always been about making money rather than enjoying the car for what it is and what fulfillment it brings to you and your family. I really think most people who enjoy the hobby really don’t concern themselves with the true value, but rather just like to talk about it because the group does. I for one, being a car dealer my whole life, have always been concerned about the residual value of a car. On my own cars, I never thought about what it was worth and never kept track of how much I invested. I truly enjoyed making the best Hot Rod I could afford without worrying what it would be worth when sold. I still feel that same way today. I am 68 years old, in the fourth quarter of my life and praying for overtime. I am not concerned what I invest in a car or what it is worth. I have earned the right to spend some of my hard earned savings. (I hope the wife doesn’t read this blog today.)

Those of you who built your cars early and hung on to them are realizing two important things. One, you have had a great deal of enjoyment out of the car and two, you still can have a good time driving to the events local or far away. The value of your car maybe in your mind when in the group but certainly not cruising down Pacific Coast Highway with the top down and the Sun shining. Enough said.

Del Mar starts today, Simi car show on Sunday, lots going on this weekend. Get out in your car and drive it somewhere. Life may not always offer you the opportunity to have such a great day with your car and friends.

Stay Tooned!



Sam Davis setting up his steering wheel display. This is the 5 window coupe that says it all. Nice job Sam. Former Rod and Custom cover car. Built on a budget.


Nice wheels for your car. Bell large and small plus a rosewood unique wheel for those of you who want something different.


Rosewood installed in Sam’s coupe using a Schroeder quick disconnect steering shaft.


Give Sam a call if you want one of these beauties. Hand crafted so don’t expect bargain prices.


John makes these really nice laid back windshield post for a model A. What is the white stuff in the background. This doesn’t look like a roadster day to me.


Sedan delivery George is coming right along on his frame. Rear end will be a Winter’s quickchange with coil overs and a four bar.


Here is another SC frame with a T5 and a flathead. Looks good like this also.


I know it is not a sedan, but for the money you can’t beat the Brookville body. Sedans cost way more than roadsters today. What a change. Economics 101…supply and demand.


Neat bracking in the rear of this Brookville. Each builder has his own design but this looks simple to me and stout. Maybe a cross brace should be added or a bulkhead.


My firewall feet needed repair so watch for tomorrow’s fix. New feet fabricated and welded in.

Dreaming…today’s ride.


Henry’s sedan in the perfect setting. Heading out for Toppers. I hope it doesn’t rain.

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