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I think most of you know that I am a big fan of sedan deliveries. I have owned several, my first being a 1934 that I purchased from the original owner while I was at West Point Military Academy in New York. I loved that car and kept it for many years. The car changed hands but is safe a sound in Northern California with Jerry Lewis. Jerry has updated the car and drives it to a lot of events. The remaining deliveries I have owned (5), have all been 40 or 41 Fords. I like the additional room and the overall comfort even though they have the same 112″ wheelbase. The cars are much wider and have six plus foot of cargo space.

Many of my friends and viewers are building 1932 Ford sedan deliveries using the rear door kit from McRae in Kansas. This is not an inexpensive conversion. The kit is around $5,000 and the installation can run 2 to 3 times that if your body needs repaired. When you are finished you have a unique car but a very small storage area. Gibbon used to make this kit out of fiberglass back in the 70’s and Henry Dana and his wife Nancy built a beautiful example. My friend George is building a very nice example using a mint 32 Tudor sedan body and original frame. The car will have a Winters QC, T5 with a built flathead. The balance of the build is still being determined. I hope to follow along as he builds the car. George is very, very detailed and talented builder.

If anyone is building a 40/41 delivery and would like to share some build photos please send them to me.

Lets look at some more pictures of deliveries.

Stay Tooned!



Jerry sent in some pictures of his Deuce delivery from the early days. This is a real one he found and made into a street rod.


Front view showing rear window blank out and profile.


Rear door and stock bumper.


Jerry also had a very nice 40 delivery in his early days. I have seen both cars over the years and they were very nice. Jerry is a retired Streetscene magazine guy living in cold Arkansas these days. Thanks Jerry.


George’s delivery door frame in process by Hendricks.


Finished product…perfect.


McRae’s real deal delivery in Dearborn for the 75th.


Rear bumpers were very different than a stock Deuce. The bumper was bent to allow easy access to the rear cargo space.


Julian’s real delivery built by California Street Rods for Harvey Aluminum. This is a very nice piece with a Chrisman flathead and perfect paint.



Stock K-member modified for a T5. More tomorrow on chassis and things for deliveries.

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