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I chased brake parts for the roadster yesterday and found a place that can rebuild your old Buick shoes. Yes, they have all the stuff to do it the old fashion way…riveted. I had purchased a new set from Napa but they were not correct so I had the old ones redone. The brakes have been a hold up for a while as I have been working on other projects and looking for a 40 Ford. I will be short today so I can get back in the garage.

I still have a few more cars to show you from the roadster show so here they are.

Stay Tooned!



I missed this one. Brookville brought this sedan (Cherry) out to a customer. I asked if this was the prototype and they laughed. No demand for sedans.


Rear shot of 33 Hiboy and 32 Vicky. Both of these cars were very nicely done and detailed.


Roadster build up was a big hit. Several people helped put the car together.


In building 9 was a B400 that caught my eye. I am not sure who built it but it was nice.


Lowe built Deuce, Washington blue and flathead powered. I have always liked this car. Steve did a nice feature on it a few years ago.


The Glass Slipper was there and looked great. This is one of my favorite dragsters. I saw it run as a young man and have always remembered the fine craftsmanship the car exhibits.


I stumbled across this oldie in one of the buildings. A nice patina coupe with a completely chromed undercarriage, frame and all. Now that had to cost some bucks even in the old days.


I took my company to Lynn’s place and this is one of his many cars….A B400 stocker with General Jumbo wheels. Look for Bob Evert’s Firestone Deuce Delivery at Nick Alexanders Woody show next week. I bet he has the Firestone wheels on it.


Number one AMBR winner still draws a crowd. Jake sold it to the Petersen a few years ago.



My friend Bobo wants Lynn’s 40 tudor for his collection. This is one sweet tudor. Ty put it together a few years ago. The car has a built French flathead for power.

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