Thursday’s Thoughts

The Grand National Roadster Show has always been a favorite of mine even when I lived in the East. I used to schedule meetings on the West Coast in Oakland so I could attend the show. To be perfectly honest, I never thought the show was that great and it never had many traditional roadsters except in the Brizio booth. Now that the show has moved to LA, it is the best in my opinion. The 75th anniversary of the Deuce was a once in a lifetime opportunity to see all the famous ones in one venue. I will never forget that show. Thank you John Buck and Ford Motor Company.

This year promises to be a great event also. Tributes to Lil John and Boyd as well as the construction of a 34 roadster on stage…just like the old days. I understand that some of the big time builders will have a hand in the build. This will be a sight to see. I never like the winner of the show but I certainly can appreciate the money and time it takes to build one of those billet babies. If you have never attended the LA version this is the year to attend. Even in a down economy this will be a great event. People find the money to bring their cars to the GNRS. You can drive yours on Saturday and park outside in the sunshine.

I have out of town guest coming so it will be a big weekend and besides it will be my birthday. I am getting old.

Stay Tooned!



SO-CAL’s Leonard Blue 32 of Ken Washburn’s was my favorite so in 2008. They don’t win but this one should.


Vern Tardell’s traditional style roadster is as nice as they come and they don’t win either.


Joe Nitti’s roadster should win but wouldn’t stand a chance…too plain, looks like a Deuce and no billet.


How about one of Poteet’s many cars…Brizio built super details and a 37 truck grille. This has the look of a winner…nah!


Spencer doesn’t car if he wins or not he is taking a nap until the excitement starts. Sunday night.



Brizio built 33 with Ferrari motor is what it takes to win and maybe he will.

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