Thursday’s’ Thoughts

It is very Cold again today in LA. Being from Michigan I can relate to cold weather, but I still don’t like it. The delivery needs a better heater if I am going to continue to drive in this weather. I have an old 40 Ford heater that looks good and burns your right leg when driving, but does very little for the rest of the body. Frantic Fred has a partition behind his front seat which goes up and down and allows the heat/cold to stay in the front rather than in the huge rear cargo area. Maybe its time for a Vintage Air unit to help things along. Tim in Sacramento has a neat setup for putting these units in 40 Fords. The unit is almost hidden entirely from view and provides much comfort for these old arthritic bones of mine.

On a sad note, a good friend’s wife passed away this morning and we will miss her dearly. I know she will be riding in her Corvette soon and will be in Peace. We will miss her.

Here are some cars to view.


Stay Tooned!


33 hiboy on ebay, no takers this time.  Santa is hard to go against.


34 Tudor, Jalopy Journal, $40K. Looks cool to me, chopped, nice stance and priced right?


32 5 window built by Ray in Ohio, long time builder of fine Deuces.  Flatheads are coming back?


Don’s wonderful Deuce Tudor with all the right stuff. This one was at the Petersen and was perfect.  Flathead’s are back.


Varni’s Tudor started a trend.  Roadsters are dead and Tudors are hot.  Brookville, pay attention, watch the market.  Maybe Ford could help their sales with a new sedan.


Bob’s Cloud Mist Gray standard coupe. Always wins the trophy. Women love this car.

Sneak Peek 


SO -CAL’s new Washington blue chassis. They can make them look good. $$$$$$

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