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Super roadster weather today in LA…80 degrees and sunshine…what more could you want. I received several comments about the price of Woodies and yes, I knew I would. It seems owners feel their cars are still very sought after and valuable even though the world has slipped into a recession. I apologize for thinking the way I do but I am sure Woodies will always be valuable. Good Luck or better yet, don’t sell you Woody now.

Bob in MO has a very nice looking 5 window for sale on ebay. I also like 5 window Hiboys…better than 3 windows. This one is a high quality build and can be yours for only $85K. Not bad for a Deuce. My friend George has a nice core he is going to build someday and owns a beautiful red 3 window Hiboy. George is also building a 32 sedan delivery with a flathead, S10 5 speed and a Winters QC. This will be a true masterpiece knowing George and his attention to detail. Steve in Illinois is also building a 32 delivery with a 4 cylinder, fender well spare and a dropped axle. I hope to have pictures of these beauties soon.

I found another 40 Ford sedan delivery in Tuscon, but it is too much of a project for me. Dale is a real nice fellow and if you are looking a project, give him a call. I placed my last ad for a delivery yesterday and if I don’t find one I am moving on to something else like a nice coupe or sedan. Searching is fun, but enough is enough.

Coupes, sedans, roadsters, deliveries and Tubs all will fit in my garage so I will not be so fuzzy next year. I better head off to the mall and do some Christmas shopping as my wife needs a new dropped axle.

Stay Tooned!



Dale’s 40 delivery for sale in Tucson. A good project for someone. Real nice guy and knows his cars. Give him a call at 520-396-4227


High quality 5 window on ebay. This has all the toys and looks good with a 2 1/4 inch chop. George..get going. The blackwalls red wires and stance make this a favorite of mine.


Interior is just right. SO-CAL dash panel, red Ralfs interior with wool headliner. Lets head for the coast and PCH for the day. Lunch in Santa Barbara and stop in Solvang and look at Steve’ forties.


Here is a similar car from SO-CAL with whitewalls and a moon tank. This is also a high buck car. Very nice.


Poteet likes 5 windows. This is one the RB built for him. Moal also is finishing one for him for this years GNRS with a Miller front end. My favorite one is the black one Dave built for him a few years ago with roadster quarters. The Best in my mine.


No resto rod here. Chop tops are alive and well in the garages across the country. I used a hack saw, torch or chiesel for my first chops. This looks more professional.


Here is my style. Primer and looking cool for the girls. Red James Dean jacket with the collar turned up, levis and harley boots.


3 of kind in for a cold one. Sounds good to me. This TX trio came to the LA Roadster show a few years ago. Vintage Air Gold one is very nice.


Jan let this very nice 5 window go to a fellow back East. Kennedy brothers chop and DF chassis with s SBC and DN 5 speed. I hated to see this one get away.


Really hammered 5 window with the RB look. I believe from the Fresno area. They have lots of cars in the area that are really right on track with the look being duplicated today.


Stock height 5 window. Nice car on ebay but really way over priced for today’s market. It only takes one customer to make it go away. They are around.


SO-CAL scheme with black and cream. This is a super car with a 2 1/2 inch chop and lots of detail.


George’s Deuce sedan delivery. More pictures of the chassis soon.



My choice for today’s ride to the mall. Washington Blue, split bones and righteous rake. Indiana car that has been in all the magazines and was driven to the LA Roadster Show a few years ago.

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