Thursday’s Thoughts

Now that the election is over and all of our problems are behind us it is time to get to work on your project. I find that if I work in the garage all day rather than go to the Coffee Shop I accomplish a whole lot more. I have missed a couple of days and several of you have sent me messages asking if I was O.K. Thanks, I am just find but very busy doing nothing. I am posting some more pictures from the HHR Open House and the Old Crow Speed Shop for you to view.

SEMA is going on this week and for the first time in years I did not go. I hope to have some pictures from some of you who attended. The Golden Sub was a big hit in the Ford display.

I did get my manifold back and the results are outstanding. Now I have to install the motor this weekend.

I was going to the NHRA Twilight Cruise last night but got hung up in a Medicare meeting with the wife. Getting “OLD” is really getting old.

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!



The Old Crow Speed Shop is really a trip back in time. Lucky, while young has captured the look of early speed shops. The collectibles in this place are worth a fortune and most are not for sale. This is his Bonneville and lakes tank. He has lots of tanks in his possession and is very knowledgeable about their history.


The collection of gauge panels is priceless. Several Auburn panels and old SW’s behind glass.


Lucky likes Phaetons and this 33 standard is really rare. Full restoration of a Military vehicle is underway.


An extended replica of 36 phaeton is also underway. I don’t know the history of the clone but I am sure Lucky does.


A recreation of the Chrisman Bros. A coupe is almost complete. Magazine article is being used to build the car.


A 34 Ford roaster is waiting its turn for a complete restoration.


Twin spark plug Elco cylinder heads are going together on the British Deuce at HHR’s.


Unrelated to the show but a find on the Web. Brookville roadster on SO-CAL chassis. Nice top using original irons.


Side profile showing stance using Artillery Wheels 18’s and 16’s. What do you think? The car has a Bill Mitchell 427 SBC.



Beautiful Hot Rod 40 coupe with flames and 5 spokes. How could you not like this one. Jalopy Journal photo.


More my style, a good looking Folkstone gray coupe with a super stance. This is my friend Bob’s old coupe.

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