Thursday’s Thoughts

The sky is clear, the fires have subsided and things are looking good in Southern California. The economy, the election, the daily grind of making decisions is almost as bad as working every day. I am a fan of MSNBC, Maria and Erin keep me up to date on what is going on in the financial markets. I don’t have any money, but if I did I would rely on them and Cramer to keep me informed.

Some how I manage to work on the roadster and watch TV at the same time. For example, yesterday I built a new column drop for the roadster. My wife did not like the floor shift so I installed a 40 column I had laying around. I did this while watching the market fall again. I have some pictures to show you. I like it a lot better. Wife’s are helpful when they are constructive.

The engine project is stalled as I had a problem with the manifold that I purchased off ebay. It seems that the water temperature hole boss was cracked and need to be repaired. We have the best in the business in the Valley, J&P deburring. Steve can fix anything and make it look better than new. My good deal is now about like paying list plus. Oh well!

Thanks again for all the pictures.

Stay Tooned!



New steering column in the roadster. I am going to like this. I will beadblast the column and make a new shaft.


Here is the bottom view where I must figure out the shifter lever. I will use 40 levers.


Here is the drop after fabricating and welding. I will dress welds and powder coat black.


Looking for a gennie 33 frame. The seller is asking $1800 with no VIN. No thanks.


Early morning at the Throtter’s show. Dual 3 windows under the trees. This is the current look of this group.


Neat old 29 Hiboy with early prewar look.



Kennedy boys Tudor. Steve what are you waiting for. Nice ride with your new Tardell flatty.

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