Thursday’s Thoughts

The week has been busy for me. I am painting my garage doors before my daughter’s big wedding next month. I can see my cars so I sometimes spend more time dreaming that sanding on the doors. The wife comes out and reminds me that I have only one door sanded and 4 more to go. I need that reminder to stay focused. I learned at GM that energy follows focus. I am writing this early today as it is still cool in LA. Later today I will go over and see my friend Bobo’s new 40 sedan he purchased. Bobo has a lot of neat cars, all chopped, but I told him, not the 40, please. He agreed. My other friend Bob V has purchased another 40 coupe he owned 22 years ago and should have it by tomorrow. I will take pictures for you to enjoy. I better get out in the garage to start sanding before it gets too hot.

Stay Tooned.



V8 60 I am selling one of these for my friend Bob. Cute, but no guts.


Gary’s engine in his new 37 Woody. Nice job as usual. Gary has good taste in details.


Another nice 40 engine compartment with paint detail not chrome. I like it.

[singlepic=1291] Norway Highboy with homebuilt Duvall. Great job.



I had twin 48 converts for a while, one Maize Yellow and one Pheasant Red. Nice! I hope to get my new 48 started this Winter.

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