Thursday’s Thoughts

We have a lot of conversations among the “lunch bunch” concerning the price of gas, going to events, and overall concern for the economy. I reminded everyone that this is not the depression, but rather a recession. Hopefully, we will still be able to purchase gasoline at any price in order to go for a ride. Just think how many miles you put on your hot rod in a year. Let’s say you drive 2000 miles a year and get about 15 miles per gallon. If you were comfortable paying $2.50 per gallon and you now have to pay $5.00 per gallon how much is that?
Here is the math.
2000/15 = 133 gallons
133 x $2.50 = $332.50
133 x $5.00 = $665

Difference of $332.50 over 12 months or $28 per month.

If you resist a Starbucks Latte and a Scone once a week you are home free. Now that is a small price to pay. Remember a recession is when the GNP goes down for 6 months in a row, factory orders fall sharply, unemployment goes up and retirees complain about the cost of living increases they don’t get in their pension checks.

The cost of everything including gas, milk, bread, and anything you have to have is not going to go down. We only come out of a recession, (two years or so), after the consumer adjusts his or her budget to accept the higher cost. Now is the time to give up the Fourbucks deal and drink water.

O.K. , now lets talk cars, which by the way have leveled off about 20% by my estimate. Even 1932 Fords are bringing a lower amount in the market today. Granted they are still expensive, but a bargain compared to a year ago in the hype of the 75th anniversary.

My friend Tom in Oregon, who doesn’t know what a recession is, and he is an accountant, just purchased a very nice old hot rod on ebay. He waited until the price came down and drove it home. That’s what you do when it’s a buyers market.
Have a look.


My friend Tom with his “I just got a good deal smile” He loves 33/34 three window coupes.


He also likes 40 convertibles. This is his second one. The first one was Yosemite green.


Nice 32 sedan with Tacoma cream wires.


Another Deuce hiboy wannabe on ebay. Nice start for $42,500. Where is this 32 thing going? All repo no less. How many garages do you need for hot rods? I am jealous.



My latest dream car at Del Mar. Who owns it?

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