Thursday’s Thoughts

I spent yesterday at my friend Bob’s house in Pasadena looking at his cars. Bob likes all kind of cars but is very fond of 40 Ford coupes. Sandy his wife is a Woody lover and likes the quiet ride of the 40 instead of the noisy Woody. He just purchased a very nice black 40 coupe to go with his cloud mist gray one. I have included some pictures for your viewing.

I am getting ready to go the the NSRA Bakersfield event next Friday, so I am going to therapy three days a week to get my strength back. Walking is no fun with a bad back. Bakersfield is fun, because you can sit in your chair at the entrance and see all the cars and take pictures. My kind of show. I am also coming back on going to the Pasadena Roadster Club Reliability Run on Saturday. Really big weekend for me.

Lets look at some cars.

Stay Tooned!



Bob’s new coupe. Basic black, red steelies and dumped in the front. A true American Classic.


Rear profile of the 40. Remember we use to hide two boys in the trunk for the Drive-In.  Maybe a girl or two if we were lucky.


Claret red leather interior with tilt, modern gauges, and smooth dash with A/C.


SBC with all the Bling. Price $72K firm. Cheap in today’s $40K paint jobs.


Add a Deuce 3 window hiboy and you have the Classics of Hot Rodding.



SO-CAL built 32 at the GNRS. I love this car.

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